Memorial Day Weekend

Atlanta Jazz Festival, Brew at the Zoo, Downtown Atlanta Restaurant Week & more…

Hello, local readers! If you’re staying in town for the holiday, you’ll appreciate this week’s edition of our weekend guide, filled with the best things to do in and around Atlanta this Memorial Day weekend. Don’t forget to add our tips to your Foursquare To-Do list, and as always, be sure to add anything we missed in the comments section. Enjoy your long weekend!
stone mountain Keep reading for the Stone Mountain Memorial Day Weekend Celebration, SweetWater Beer Dinner at Fleming’s, ‘Wish I Was in Destin’ Block Party, and others…

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Memorial Day Travel Made Easy with Promotional Travel Items

Despite an alarming (and unwelcome) increase in gas prices over the past few weeks, Americans seem surprisingly undeterred in their plans to travel over the 2011 Memorial Day Weekend. Airlines have increased fares more than six times this year to make up for a 30 percent rise in fuel prices, however, the need to spend more seems to have had little effect on the plans of the 34.9 million people who will travel 50 miles plus over this upcoming long weekend. In fact, a recent USA Today/Gallup poll revealed that 71 percent of Americans have prepared for an increase in the amount of money required for personal travel expenses this year, compared to the 39 percent in 2010 who echoed that same sentiment when the average price of gas was only around $2.80 a gallon.

To compensate for higher expenses and make traveling more comfortable, many will rely on certain promotional travel items and cut out other unnecessary vacation costs. But, try as they may, there are certain factors that vacationer’s can simply not control. The stress of long security lines, potential lost baggage, or road-rage inducing traffic for example are sometimes unavoidable. Travel problems, however, can thankfully also be alleviated with specific promotional travel items designed especially for those traveling by either plane or car.

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