Stand out from the Crowd with Custom iPhone Covers & Accessories

At Apple’s iPad 2 event in March, Steve Jobs announced that the company had sold more than 100 million iPhones worldwide since the launch of the device in 2007. If you own one of them, you know it’s not easy to make your phone stand out from the millions of others just like it… that is, unless you’ve got a super-unique custom iPhone cover.

Mashable recently published a gallery of the coolest custom iPhone covers and accessories they could find, including a number of skins, protective cases, and stands. From this Etch-a-Sketch case to one shaped like a child’s hand, there’s certainly no shortage of one-of-a-kind, custom items that your friends will envy.

What’s the coolest iPhone cover or accessory you’ve seen (or own)?

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Flaming Lips will Release New Songs on Promotional Flash Drives… Embedded in 7-lb. Gummi Skulls

The Flaming Lips aren’t exactly known for being conventional, which is why their new strategy for creating and disseminating music – while innovative – comes as no surprise to fans. Despite the fact that the Lips have been making music together since the early 1980s, they’re far from becoming obsolete: as frontman Wayne Coyne explains in a recent interview with Mashable, the band has embraced the changes that have troubled members of the music industry and are using social media, smartphone apps, and other new technologies to release their latest album as it’s built, one song at a time.

Coyne points out in the interview that yes, the Internet has made it virtually impossible for artists to prevent their music from being distributed widely and free of charge, a reality that has been a constant source of conflict since the days of Napster and P2P filesharing – but he also encourages musicians to use this to their advantage. The Lips’ recent release of a new single did just that: the song, which is split into twelve different YouTube videos meant to be played simultaneously, is meant to utilize multiple devices and thus encourages collective experience in a way that’s antithetical to the negative spin the music industry has always put on the term “filesharing.”

In addition to using social media, the Flaming Lips will make three upcoming songs tangible by putting them onto promotional flash drives that will be embedded in the gummi brains of some custom-made, 7-lb. gummi skulls. The promotional flash drives can only be accessed by chowing down on the sugary skulls, which will likely result in a huge tummyache that I assume will immobilize listeners by the time they get to the music itself.

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Promotional Media Storage Cases Help Promote Brand Awareness

As more and more people invest in gadgets such as Kindles, iPads, and blackberries it is important to have the right promotional media storage cases to store, charge, and protect them.

Just last Friday, Mashable reported that Kindle books were now outselling paperbacks on Amazon, just six months after e-books outsold hardcovers. Now, Amazon can say e-books are responsible for their $10 billion earnings in a single quarter.

As portable electronics grow in popularity companies should consider using promotional media storage cases to promote their brand or service. Whether a person uses there iPad in a coffee shop or a trade-show, people pay attention to the device and the case they store it in. Continue reading →

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Get Fashionable with Personal 3-D Custom Sunglasses

colon+right.bracketThe success of 3-D films has created a sort of frenzy over 3-D products. Not only are ticket sales to big-screen films increasing, but 3-D television sets are popping up in bars and homes.

In an article on Mashable, a news source for social and digital media, it was reported that at the peak of the Avatar film 798,000 pairs of disposable 3-D glasses were used a day. One day!

In an effort to stylize the 3-D viewing process, save the planet, and keep track of your “specs,” you can now purchase 3-D custom sunglasses. The logic…as 3-D entertainment breaks out into the social scene, it’s now more important than ever to look good while watching sports teams in bars.

The darkness inside the theater masked some of the “dorkiness,” but in bars, clubs, and homes you can’t hide! Companies like Oakley, Polaroid, Calvin Klein, Moshka 3-D, and Gucci have designed glasses to help 3-D fans look good. Throw on your custom sunglasses strap, and you’ll never loose track of your one of a kind glasses. Continue reading →

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Promotional Technology Gifts For Your Office

pinnacle company party Over the weekend, Mashable put out an article on their favorite promotional technology gifts for the 2010 holiday season. From diamond-encrusted Twitter jewelry to eco-friendly flash drives, a wide variety of trendy tech-savvy gifts are showcased.

Mashable is usually my go-to source for new and exciting technology-related stories, but this particular article told me something I already know: promotional products can be pretty cool, and promotional technology gifts are a popular choice among Internet-based businesses this year.

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