Juicy Couture

Promotional Computer Accessories à la Juicy Couture


Started in 1995 Gela Nash-Taylor (wife of Duran Duran bass guitarist John Taylor) and Pamela Skaist-Levy as a line of athletic and casual girly apparel that was to be more affordable to the general public, the brand Juicy Couture has become a fashion empire in its own right that also includes – along with its iconic tracksuits – cosmetics, jewelry, handbags, and yes, computer accessories too.  As for their initial “affordable” aims for the “general public” target market, today you’ll be pressed to find any items of apparel that go for under $100 and their current clientele includes the likes of Madonna, Paris Hilton, Jessica Biel, and Eva Longoria Parker. And so it goes for all that generally dons the label “couture.”
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