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Jeans Diapers… What Custom Apparel is Next for Babies?

I was shopping the other day at my favorite store, Target when I happened upon an end-cap display of Huggies® Jeans Diapers, diapers that look like designer jeans.  As a new mom, I did a double take and went in for closer inspection.  The diapers have a faux denim look with back pockets, belt loops and a faux leather patch with the Huggies® logo on them.  Is this custom apparel for a baby that is necessary? Of course not, but they seemed to be flying off the shelves.  There were only 2 boxes left!  I contemplated purchasing a box, but instead I whipped out my phone and took a picture so I could send it to all my mommy friends (and now blog about it).

Keep reading about these limited edition diapers and watch the commercial…

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