Combat Decision Fatigue by Consulting Promotional Products Experts

Decisions Decisions
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An article featured in the New York Times this week, “Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?,” discusses decision fatigue, which is an increasingly common phenomenon facing today’s society. Do you find yourself struggling to make decisions later in the day? Making rash decisions to avoid mulling over all possible consequences? Procrastinating making any decisions at all? New findings prove that you are not alone!

Recent experiments demonstrate that being forced to make a multitude of choices can lead to diminished willpower. Once decision fatigue rears its ugly head, study participants typically settle for recommendations from salespeople in a variety of situations. Additionally, when individuals are presented with more difficult decisions early on in the purchasing process, fatigue hits them early on, as well, and they claim to enjoy the shopping experience less.

From personal decisions to business decisions, practically every minute of our lives is jam-packed with choices. If you have purchased promotional products before, you are probably well-aware of the endless variety of products, styles, imprint methods, sizes, colors, etc. available. Rather than draining your entire daily quota of preliminary decisions on selecting items for your next campaign, let Pinnacle’s staff of promotional gurus guide your hand. Nobody should have to navigate the sea of decisions involved with promotional marketing alone!

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