Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene: For Some, Just an Excuse to Make Use of Promotional Umbrellas

Hurricane Sidewalk
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Although Hurricane Irene advanced at a mere 14 miles per hour over the weekend, a much slower pace than typical coastal hurricanes, it stretched over 260 miles from the center in some directions, affecting the populations of 12 states- possibly the greatest number of people ever threatened by a single storm in the United States. While it did not wreak as much havoc as originally anticipated, many states are continuing to battle raging floodwaters, far-reaching power outages, and immense structural damage to buildings and homes. The hurricane took at least 21 lives in nine states, but the full extent of devastation has yet to be determined. On behalf of Pinnacle, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the storm.

In Manhattan, authorities far overestimated the impact of Irene, which many New Yorkers affectionately refer to as, “Hurricane I-rain.” Citydwellers stocked up on food, water, batteries, and other survival tools at the end of last week when a state of emergency was declared. Fortunately for the city that never sleeps, a lost weekend of sales and the costs of repairing storm damage appear to be the only casualties.

And on a sunnier note, Manhattanites can put their promotional umbrellas back into their coat closets to save them for another rainy day!

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