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Treat VIPs to Exclusive Events, Perks, & Promotional Giveaways This Holiday Season

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V.I.P… “Very Important Person,” or for the purposes of this blog post, “Very Important Prospect.” Who doesn’t enjoy feeling wanted and appreciated? Particularly around the holidays, when mass marketing permeates consumers’ mailboxes, inboxes, and minds, crafty marketers understand that segmentation can mean the difference between a stellar campaign and a mediocre one. By isolating the prospects who exhibit the characteristics of current valued customers and demonstrating through your promotional giveaways campaign how badly you want their business, you stand a much greater chance of securing their loyalty.

As a cardholder at a popular national department store, I was invited, along with a guest, to attend a “Private Shopping Event” Sunday night. Personalized invitation in hand, I approached the door after regular business hours to take part in the exclusive activity.

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