Top Healthcare and Medical Promotional Items

Top Healthcare and Medical Promotional Items

Finding the right medical promotional items for your healthcare company can seem like a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. With everything from promotional fitness items to promotional first aid kits, there are numerous ways to promote your healthcare and wellness brand.

Getting your logo on these types of promotional products are perfect ways to ensure maximum brand exposure. Every time someone takes your promotional water bottle to the gym or uses one of your custom-printed bandages, your brand is getting in front of an entirely new audience.

With all the medical promotional items to choose from, one could find it difficult to find the right ones to use. So to help you out, we made a list of our top three favorites:

1. Walking Enthusiast Kit

When it comes right down to it, everybody wants to be able to see the results of their exercise, whether it’s running, jogging or simply just walking. Our Walking Enthusiast Kits not only help them track their movement throughout the day, but this promotional walking kit also helps to get your brand moving, too!

Walking Enthusiast Kit Item #3804

Walking Enthusiast Kit Item #3804

2. Travelers Exercise Kit

Traveling can sometimes put a dampener on a healthy lifestyle, but not anymore! Our next favorite medical promotional item is the Travelers Exercise Kit, which is perfect for those who are always on the go! This kit comes with everything from jump ropes to hand exercisers, and it’s convenient enough to toss into a purse, travel bag or even a laptop bag. Get your logo on one of these traveling promotional products for a little first class brand exposure.

Travelers Exercise Kit Item #PL-4401

Travelers Exercise Kit Item #PL-4401


3. Ultimate Gym Set- Water bottle, earbuds and armband

Give the gift of fitness with The Ultimate Gym Set, fully equipped with promotional water bottles, headphones and armbands. This promotional gym set not only encourages workouts for your recipients, but it also gets your logo onto items they’re going to be using on a daily basis.

Ultimate Gym Set- Water bottle, earbuds and armband Item #GFT4106

Ultimate Gym Set- Water bottle, earbuds and armband Item #GFT4106

With health and fitness on the rise in popularity among the masses, getting your brand onto healthcare and medical promotional items is one of the most effective ways of getting impressionable exposure. Be sure to check out our promotional products for health and wellness to learn more about the products above or to browse other options.

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Promotional Fitness with Brookstone

With Halloween only a few days away I’ve already stocked up on promotional candy and promotional giveaways, but having all that candy around has made  me start looking for promotional items that will help me start getting back in shape so that I can feel a little better about enjoying all my Halloween spoils. With the new influx of new Brookstone items aimed at fitness, I can’t wait to start!

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The Not-so-Diet Diet Soda

At an American Diabetes Association meeting this past Sunday, researchers announced that while diet sodas may be free of calories, they are not free of health risks.

In a study held by the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonia, researchers followed the health of 474 diet soda drinkers for 10 years. After the testing period came to an end, they found that the participants who drank diet soda increased their waist size by 70% more than those who completely avoided low-calorie and calorie-free soft drinks.

What concerned the authors even more were the health risks they found to be associated with drinking diet sodas. Previous studies have suggested that chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other health risks may be directly correlated to an individual’s waist size. In hopes of supporting this claim, the UT Health Science Center research team tested the correlation between diet soda consumption and diabetes in mice. They found that the mice that consumed food laced with aspartame (the sweetener in some diet sodas) had higher blood sugar levels than the mice that ate normal food, which means that the artificial sweetener aspartame could very well contribute to the development of diabetes in humans, too. Continue reading →

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