Pink Gloves Dance: Can You Spot the Promotional Products?

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon sure knows how to get down and dance! They are the makers of this very popular YouTube video – Pink Gloves Dance.

It all started with a glove manufacturer, Medline Industries, which decided to make pink hospital gloves instead of green. For each case sold in the month of October, Medline donated $1 to breast cancer research.

St. Vincent decided that the more health care workers wear pink gloves, the more people would talk about breast cancer. More than 200 hospital staff volunteered to wear the pink gloves in a video. There are lab technicians, janitorial staff, kitchen staff, nurses and doctors all showing their moves dancing in the hospital.

There are lots of different promotional products available to help support various causes, and a few ideas are featured on the Pinnacle Promotions Promotional Marketing Calendar.

We even have a specific page dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month which provides several product ideas and marketing recommendations.

Can you spot the following promotional products in the video?

1) Flag
2) Scrubs
3) Lanyard
4) Doctor Jacket
5) Hawaiian Lei
6) Pink Umbrella

One of my favorite and most effective promotional products is the pink umbrella. While it’s raining as you walk through the town, your awareness message can be seen from so many people. I encouraged the use of a fold up umbrella to one of my non-profits last year for their campaign. They received such positive feedback that they decided to use umbrellas again this year!!

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MMM… Chocolate Promotional Items!


bochalla-more-chocolate-cookiesOver the Thanksgiving break, not only was my belly full of turkey, but I also decided to dive into something slightly sweeter. Chocolate. I cannot tell you how much I love the stuff. White, Dark, Milk, Milk with Peanut Butter… you name it and I’ll steal it from you! Over the past year I’ve spent working at Pinnacle, I have seen my coworkers’ eyes light up numerous times at the sight of free chocolate. One office favorite in particular is the chocolate covered cookie, which combines a piece of decadent chocolate with the satisfying crunch of a cookie. This rich snack is perfect for making your clients happy, not to mention its prominent advertisement of your logo. I can assure you that any box presented to our office containing these delicious treats is empty by lunchtime.

I tell my customers constantly to buy something that you know clients or employees will use frequently. Whether that purchase is comprised of clocks, stress balls or promotional pens, if end users can find lots of practical applications for the product, they will remember your company. However, sometimes a single application is able to effectively fulfill your marketing objectives- I don’t have to tell you my personal favorite gift option is anything edible. Devouring the item provides immediate satisfaction that leaves a lasting impression by appealing to my taste buds. For target audiences with sweet teeth, such as myself, chocolate goodies that disappear in a few bites may be more memorable than something I would otherwise use everyday. It’s chocolate that sometimes gives me the sugary boost to stay motivated during a long day at work and I keep stock in case it’s been an unusually stressful day. Make your customers’ bellies happy and your business may benefit as a result.

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Last Minute Holiday Gifts That Make a Huge Impact

As the holiday season nears, it is becoming more apparent how many companies use promotional products as gifts for both employees and clients. With that being said, many companies do not actually come to a conclusion about what to order until the deadline has approached and time becomes the paramount issue, rather than determining what product the employees or clients will most appreciate. This is where rush service and fast production time become a client’s best friends. With the wide variety of items available on our website with less than 5-day production, getting holiday orders into the appropriate hands is not an issue! Many of our products are even offered under RocketShip 24-Hour Express Service™ to guarantee speedy delivery when our customers need it most.

I have found this year that some companies are choosing to make their orders more personal by offering employees the option of choosing a fleece jacket vs. a soft shell or a desktop charger vs. a pen organizer, for example. This gives the recipient the impression of a more personalized gift that is really tailored to their needs, whereas in the past I have noticed that corporate gifts are chosen with a broader range of recipients in mind. While less personal, more generic product options with universal appeal certainly can’t do any harm when distributed as holiday gifts, companies can reap the maximum benefits of a holiday giving program by spending more time listening to and understanding the preferences of their intended audience. The length of time that the promotional products are retained and the perceived value of the gifts will be much greater when the recipient is able to sense the time, effort and thought that a particular company put towards selecting the customized presents.

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Take Pride in Being a Tourist with Promotional Apparel and Gifts

I am probably one of the most loyal country music fans you will ever find. I know the words to a vast majority of the songs, from Garth to Carrie, and after a recent trip to Nashville, can honestly state that I have never felt more at home in an American city than in the Home of Country Music! I mean, live country music being performed at the bars and restaurants all day long, not to mention country tunes blasting from speakers at the bus stops- it is every country music lover’s dream come true. Watching the Country Music Awards last night led me to reminisce about my fantastic experience in “Nashvegas.” (NOTE: The above video clip from the CMAs poking fun at Kanye West made me fall out of my seat laughing… Little Jimmy Dickens deserves an Oscar for that performance!)

Most great American cities boast unique anecdotes about residents and events, both past and present, but these distinctive histories are not always as blatantly obvious as in Nashville. Statues of country greats like Elvis and Dolly Parton line the sidewalks (and if you must know, yes, I did stop to take pictures next to each of them!), cowboy boots can be found in almost every retail store, and museums paying homage to country legends like Johnny and June attract audiences hailing from far and wide.

During my visit to Nashville, I knew that my sadness to return to Atlanta could be assuaged by collecting memorabilia from various venues I frequented during my stay. I could barely close my suitcase because of my new purchases, but I do not regret a single one of them! I could not avoid the tourist shops on Broadway (one of the main streets in downtown Nashville), and wound up buying a fitted custom t-shirt with a subtle graphic featuring the word “Nashville” and a sketch of a guitar at the hip, a few other wearable items and some souvenir gifts for my family and friends.

I am already planning my next trip to Nashville, but in the meantime, I will have to settle for watching my favorite country artists on TV and sporting my Nashville-emblazoned promotional apparel around Atlanta to keep remnants of an unforgettable weekend fresh in my mind!


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Promotional products are having a wild rumpus in Hollywood

Promotional products in the entertainment industry are no longer limited to Hannah Montana beach towels. Hollywood is finding more and more that, in order to make money off big-budget films, they’ve got to have the swag.

Been in an Urban Outfitters store recently? Partnering with Warner Brothers and director Spike Jonze, for months the store has featured Where the Wild Things Are promotional products in anticipation of the movie’s October 16th release. Hipsters everywhere could shop for slippers, coloring books, t-shirts, keychains, books, CDs, toy figurines, wall art, movie stills, shadow puppets, pillow cushions, dolls, designer clothing, and even a Viewmaster themed after Dave Eggers’ hip-terpretation of the classic children’s storybook. (The Viewmaster reminds me an awful lot of the short-lived television show Wonderfalls, about a Gen-Y sales clerk who hears the voice of God in promotional products, but that’s a story for another day.)

Warner Brothers isn’t the only studio looking to promotional products to save its profits. Hollywood has recently witnessed two major firings: 1) that of Disney’s studio chief, and 2) the sacking of Universal Pictures’ two top chairmen. Disney then hired Rich Ross, who had been the head at Disney Channel, a network famous for spawning young superstars like Miley Cyrus and Hillary Duff. Universal promoted their marketing chief, Adam Fogelson. In both cases the studios opted for people with experience promoting films beyond the box office.

Kim Masters of KCRW’s The Business had this to say about the entertainment industry broadening its marketing efforts:

In the case of Disney, they went with the TV executive who’s not a movie guy, and the idea is brands, brands, brands — sell it across the platforms. Look at High School Musical, sell it as a concert, sell it as a stage thing, sell it as a — any — a t-shirt. You know, that’s the idea that they’re pursuing at Disney.

“Economy, Viewer Habits Transforming Hollywood,”

Movies failing to make enough money at the box office are old news. But with the popularity of DVR and other technologies, films are now floundering in DVD sales as well. Marketing strategies that worked for High School Musical and other children’s films are starting to look pretty attractive to grown-up movies.

Thus, Where the Wild Things Are throw pillows.

In the case of Urban and Jonze, promotional products are not only marketing a film; they are making profits in and of themselves. And record labels have been doing the same.

What do you think about all this?

a.    I hope Pinnacle starts offering promotional products for A Christmas Carol! I really want a Scrooge-shaped shadow puppet lamp to adorn my living room.
b.    Ugh. Please don’t Hannah Montana-fy my favorite movies.
c.    What’s a Dave Eggers?
d.    It’s complicated. (Please elaborate.)

Answer in the comments section! (Until we get a poll installed.)

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Let it show! Let it show! Let it show!

paparutziOh the weather outside is frightful, but the party is so delightful…

The Holiday season is always a festive time of year, but with this excitement comes along the stress of finding the perfect gifts. So many options presented in the windows of shops, but yet none of them seem to be perfect. The corporate holiday party is this weekend and it’s always a process to find the right gift for the exchange. I have to keep in mind who is receiving it along with the perceived value of the item. It needs to be fun, unique but still classy and affordable. Oh the dilemma!

As I continued to contemplate about the perfect gift to give over a glass of wine, it suddenly came to me! What could be a more perfect gift than a wine tote and decorative wine stoppers from Pinnacle’s selection of Corporate Holiday Gifts! My wine tote and wine stoppers would be the envied party gift and the talk around the office for months to come. Oh, what a show stopper I would be!

As I arrived at the party, I was so excited to give my perfect gift of a wine tote and wine stopper to the lucky someone who happened to pick my gift! Let the party begin! Let it show!

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Promotional Products: Recipes for Successful Marketing Campaigns

I adore October. Yes, I like that the leaves begin to change and the temperature drops, but mostly I love October because it is National Dessert Month. And while I have never become a cooking aficionado, I have loved desserts since I was two and lived across the street from a TCBY. Although I couldn’t even pronounce the word “yogurt,” my noises and hand gestures were enough to communicate my nightly need for the tasty treat, and the unsightly yogurt stains on all my clothes proved my dedication. I still love yogurt and devote a lot (perhaps too much) of my spare time to trying the latest soft-serve stores, but I have also grown to love baking and all other forms of dessert.

Aside from being delicious, dessert is great because it brings people together. How many memories involve sharing pumpkin pie with family on Thanksgiving or indulging in giant ice cream sundaes at childhood slumber parties? And, dessert plays a major role in popular culture from its presence in songs and movies to the old maxim “life’s uncertain, eat dessert first!”

That’s why promotional kitchen utensils, including ice cream scoopers and measuring cups, are ideal ways to incorporate your brand into everyday use. Because one thing is for certain: in today’s media-cluttered world, becoming a valued part of any home provides great exposure for your company.

And, in case this blog posting has made you hungry for more than just tips on how to effectively utilize promotional products, here’s a recipe for my fall favorite- zucchini bread:

3 eggs
1 cup vegetable oil
2 cups white sugar
2 cups grated zucchini
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3 cups all-purpose flour
3 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt

1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Grease and flour two 8×4 inch loaf pans.
2. In a large bowl, beat eggs until light and frothy. Mix in oil and sugar. Stir in zucchini and vanilla. Combine flour, cinnamon, soda, baking powder, salt and nuts; stir into the egg mixture. Divide batter into prepared pans.
3. Bake for 60 to 70 minutes, or until done.


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Promotional Gifts to Lift Any Grouch’s Spirits

According to Sesame Street, today, October 15, is National Grouch Day.  Obviously in honor of the famed Sesame Street character, Oscar the Grouch, it is said to be a day for grouches everywhere to revel in their way of life, spreading grouchiness and misery far and wide, and only ever shedding happiness upon the misfortune of others.

Oscar the Grouch is a Muppet character that has been a part of the celebrated television series since its very first season, which aired in 1969. He has a green body, no nose, and lives in a garbage can (I can only infer that designing the character without a nose was a strategic move on the part of the creator, enabling him to be well suited for his place of residence). And while he is characterized by his petulant nature, and purports a desire to spread his ill-tempered ways to everyone around him, Oscar is actually used to teach children about respect and tolerance, rather than enforcing his poor behavior. Through Oscar, children are meant to learn that people with different outlooks and lifestyles can not only coexist peacefully, but actually be friends. In fact, Oscar is quite friendly with many other characters on the show, including the trash man Bruno, his girlfriend Grunfgetta, and even Big Bird.

So while this day does provide free reign to express one’s ultimate grouchiness, it also can make one aware of the negative effects grouchiness can produce in the office. Recurrent displays of a poor attitude and “grouchy” behavior can certainly lead to discontent throughout any workplace, as it is easy to spread to others, even resulting in overall reduced productivity and a general feeling of discontent. While the office is one of the easiest places to fall victim to this with the prominence of stress and pressure typically overarching a corporate culture, it is important for companies to examine the presence of such moroseness in their business and take steps to amend it if need be. Offering promotional gifts to show appreciation for employees’ hard work and efforts is one way to do so. A promotional gift can have a greater impact than one realizes and is sure to halt any grouch’s foul mood, and bring a more positive overall aura to the workplace. Even Oscar can exhibit feelings of happiness in regards to his favorite thing – trash. But go ahead and be grouchy for today…

Fun grouch fact of the day: Did you know that during the first season of Sesame Street in 1969 the character Oscar the Grouch was orange? A green Oscar appeared on The Flip Wilson Show in 1970 and explained that he had recently vacationed at “Swamp Mushy Muddy”, where the slime and mold had turned him green overnight. Here he is in his original orange, singing his classic hit, “I Love Trash.”

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