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5 Yoga Promotional Items to Brand Your Studio

After reading, The Fastest Growing and Dying Industries in America, 2012 Edition I was surprised to see that Pilates and Yoga Studios are one of the fastest growing industries in America according to a report from IBISWorld.  I guess I wasn’t too surprised because I see yoga studios all over town and I am constantly receiving Groupon and other daily deal emails featuring them.  I have been bitten by the yoga bug and have started taking classes so I have seen what all the buzz is about. With two kids and a busy schedule I don’t get there as much as I want, but when I do get to class I find it works out my body and mind. I leave feeling refreshed and empowered.

With the rapid growth in this industry, Yoga and Pilates studios need to promote themselves to stand out from the competition.  Here is my list of 5 Yoga Promotional Items to Brand Your Studio.


1) Promotional Fitness Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is essential for class, why not offer a yoga mat and carrying case with your studio name and logo. Perfect gift with purchase for new members.  

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Promotional fitness accessories to avoid gaining the “Freshman 15”

Millions of students are gearing up to either head back to college or go into college as freshman. CBS reported students gain weight gradually, not just the first year. Parents expect their children to go off and prosper by packing in knowledge, not packing on the pounds. Promotional fitness accessories to promote physical activity would be a perfect university welcome gift for incoming students. Fitness promotional products aren’t just your mom’s pedometer anymore, they are almost any product you would find in sporting goods stores ranging from promotional fitness accessories to promotional stability boards. So no more excuses, they don’t even have to leave their dorm room to fit in a quick workout.

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