Facebook Holiday Contest

Round 3 of Our Holiday Facebook Contest

Just wanted to give a little blog update on our Facebook Holiday Contest.  I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about the way things are progressing.  This is the first official Facebook contest that we’ve held here at Pinnacle and it’s been exciting seeing the results come in and notifying the winners that they’ve won.

Holiday Contest Round 3

How does our contest work exactly?  Each time we send out an e-blast (sign up on the right sidebar or on our site), our contest starts a new round with all of the e-blast products shown. Vote for your favorite for a chance to win it. It’s that simple. Each round has a theme and I thought it would be fun to show what the top voted product in the previous rounds has been. (Note: this wasn’t necessarily product the winner received, just the one that received the most votes.)

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