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Pinnacle Contributes Promotional Products to Action Cycling Atlanta

Going on nine years, Action Cycling Atlanta has been the producer of AIDS Vaccine 200, a 2-day, 200-mile cycling event that benefits AIDS vaccine research at Emory Vaccine Center.

As a dedicated promotional products supplier for Emory University, Pinnacle Promotions was eager to support and promote Emory Vaccine Center’s efforts to develop a vaccine for HIV/ AIDS. We were presented with the opportunity to do so in February when Emory hosted Spin to End, Action Cycling Atlanta’s indoor cycling fundraiser to benefit the AIDS Vaccine 200 event in May. The Pinnacle team contributed custom-designed promotional products for the event, including t-shirts, carabiners, and whistles. Continue reading

College Graduation and Promotional Products

Today is a bittersweet day for me as it marks the two-year anniversary since the day I graduated from college at Emory University. A few vivid memories stand out in my mind from that day – one of which involves a promotional product:

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