Have ’em all ears

It’s hard for me to make it through a work day without my trusty earbuds keeping me entertained with the newest episode of my favorite podcasts (This American Life and the Nerdist top the list by the way, if you were wondering), or jamming out to my many and diverse Pandora stations. Headphones and earbuds are a must for my everday. I used to have these big, amazing-but-clunky over the ear headphones that were gifted to me, but in the work atmosphere made me feel just a tad too college slacker. I then tried my hand at earbuds: the standard Apple ones that came with my iPhone died out after just a few months of use and I spent one frantic day asking if anyone had any sample ones I could borrow. My journey brought me to two contenders for the title of my favorite earbuds: the Deluxe Case with Ear Buds & Mic and the Flat Cord Ear Buds with Microfiber Pouch.


If you’re looking for ear buds that can do it all without breaking the bank, then the Deluxe Case with Ear Buds and Mic (Left) are your choice. The ear buds themselves are crisp white reminiscent of the ones that come standard with your i-device and the different color options for your case really make them pop. Best of all, instead of having a tangled mess every time you need to take a phone call, they come with a built in mic.

For the fashion savvy the Flat Cord Ear Buds with the Microfiber Pouch (Right) is a great way to go. Choose the one that matches a company logo and you’ll have a great tool for promoting brand recognition. Not only that, the microfiber pouch that comes along is great for keeping ear buds safe, lessening chances of ruining them in a purse or briefcase or losing them.

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