Good-bye Books…Hello Electronic Promotional Items

Today Borders Group announced it was filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  Borders president, Mike Edwards said the current environment of curtailed customer spending, the lack of competitive capital resources, and other business negotiations has caused the group to go under.

As electronic promotional items like e-readers, MP3 players, and other media gadgets become the preferred medium, companies like Borders are struggling.

However, in an article by Barron’s columnist Tiernan Ray, Ray wrote mega bookseller Barnes & Noble is expected to have a positive EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, deductions, and amortization) of $104 million in 2013.

One of the reasons why companies such as Barnes and Noble, have been able to stay competitive is by creating and selling their own electronic promotional items. Ray adds, Barnes and Noble is expected to sell 2.35 million Nook units this year. Continue reading →

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Promotional Media Storage Cases Help Promote Brand Awareness

As more and more people invest in gadgets such as Kindles, iPads, and blackberries it is important to have the right promotional media storage cases to store, charge, and protect them.

Just last Friday, Mashable reported that Kindle books were now outselling paperbacks on Amazon, just six months after e-books outsold hardcovers. Now, Amazon can say e-books are responsible for their $10 billion earnings in a single quarter.

As portable electronics grow in popularity companies should consider using promotional media storage cases to promote their brand or service. Whether a person uses there iPad in a coffee shop or a trade-show, people pay attention to the device and the case they store it in. Continue reading →

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