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Delta and Pinnacle go PINK!

Delta and Pinnacle go PINK!

They’ve done it again! Delta has been an ardent supporter of breast cancer awareness for more than ten years. Each October, they pink out their planes, their uniforms, their in-flight menus, etc. all in an effort to donate and support breast cancer awareness in hopes of finding a cure.

Courtesy of Delta

Courtesy of Delta

We wrote about Delta’s commitment to awareness last year. And this year, they do not disappoint. On October 1st, they celebrated the 10th anniversary of the “Breast Cancer One” Survivor Flight.

“Delta Air Lines’ annual “Breast Cancer One” employee survivor flight took place yesterday, kicking off the airline’s month-long campaign to generate awareness and raise money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This year marked Delta’s 10th annual survivor flight, which honored more than 140 employee breast cancer survivors with a trip from Atlanta to New York City.”

Companies across America are raising awareness and raising hope. Pinnacle Promotions sells promotional products that focus on helping our clients promote their cause and hopefully raise money. In an effort to support our customers, we are offering more awareness ideas than ever before. We have created blog posts and idea shops and social images in hopes of exposing our clients to new and fresh ideas. We even PINK’d out our website for October. Click to see our site design, and explore our awareness options.

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We love to hear about what other companies are doing to raise awareness. If you or your organization is leading a charge against breast cancer, let us know! We’d love to hear about it and share it with others.

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Show Your True Colors: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

There may be no more recognizable promotional theme than the Awareness Ribbon. And, there may be no more recognizable monthly awareness campaign than October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The contemporary version of the Awareness Ribbon was first displayed by Penney Laingen in 1979. Penney’s husband was one of the 52 Americans held during the Iran Hostage crisis. Penney used yellow ribbons to decorate trees, and mailboxes, jacket lapels and shirts to encourage support and bring awareness to the American hostages.

Today, there are more than 50 recognized awareness ribbons. One of the most identifiable is the pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon. Since the Pink Ribbon Campaign began in 1992, the ribbon has appeared on countless merchandise items and promotional products. Through market saturation and awareness, hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised for breast cancer research.

Companies and organizations have joined the fight against breast cancer by adding the pink ribbon to their marketing items, corporate logo items and promotional products.


Delta Airlines Pink Plane to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Photo courtesy of Delta Airlines.

Photo courtesy of Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines flies to the top of the category of companies supporting breast cancer awareness from the inside out. From the Delta Airlines “pink plane” to special awareness uniform pieces to special in-flight promotional food and amenities, Delta invites both employees and customers to experience and participate in the corporate campaign.


No matter the size, here are just a few ways your company can make an impact for awareness:

• As a company, participate in a community event such as Relay for Life or Race for the Cure.
• Host a service day for an employee or family member dealing with breast cancer to do yard work, make meals, or complete tasks around their home.
• Hang a wreath in the office and allow team members to wrap a ribbon or hang a tag on it to represent a loved one or friend who has been affected by breast cancer.
• Have a T-Shirt day in the office. Provide company-logoed shirts or simply ask team members to wear pink shirts.
All of these simple activities can be the perfect opportunity to share important health tips, recommend other opportunities to help, or to raise money for a person or organization affected by this terrible disease.


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