David Hockney

Protect Your Fine Art with Promotional Media Storage Cases

The only thing fresh about David Hockney’s “Fresh Flowers” exhibit at the Pierre Berge-Yves St. Laurent Foundation in Paris, is the idea itself. That’s because tangible paintings doesn’t actually exist; the entire installation consists of digital images that Hockney drew using the Brushes application on his iPhone, and later, his iPad. Hockney discovered the app’s potential about two years ago, when he would awake in the middle of the night and, unable to sleep, reach for his phone to recreate the sunrise. Many mornings, he sent his images to friends and family who weren’t awake to see the inspiration. Today, Hockney says he carries his iPad (perhaps in a promotional media storage case) with him so that he can create art whenever inspiration strikes. People can view the resulting images on the 20 iPhones and the 20 iPads on display in Paris, now through the end of January.

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