Czech President Steals Pen

President of Czech Republic “Steals” Promotional Pen

gwydionwilliamsCzech President Vaclac Klaus made headlines this week during an official visit to Chile, however the news reports have been focusing on something other than diplomatic matters. During a news conference with Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, Klaus was caught on film “stealing” a ceremonial promotional pen.

Klaus is clearly seen admiring the pen as he takes it from its case and turns it in his hands. He gives a slight nod of approval before moving the hand holding the pen underneath the table behind which Klaus and Pinera are seated, where he then appears to strategically transfer it from the right hand to the left and insert it in his coat pocket before subsequently buttoning his jacket, closing the pen case, and returning both hands to the table.

In his own defense, President Klaus responded to the promotional pen incident claiming that, “This is what people usually do – take a notepad or a pen from events they attend.”

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