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Kim’s Product Pick of the Week: My Favorite Reusable Lunch Kits

I love a good sandwich.

Turkey and cheese on wheat? Yes, please. My love of sandwiches along with a personal goal to bring my own lunch at least four out of five days makes our latest batch of lunch containers an essential part of my daily routine.

In addition to the nutritional benefits of packing a healthy lunch, cutting back on take-out containers and disposable storage containers is an eco-savvy way to live. If you’re considering launching an effort to promote sustainability and reduct unnecessary waste, consider distributing lunch kits to your employees or clients.

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Reusing & recycling art: from billboards to custom bags

Where does a billboard go when it has reached the end of it’s days as a large-scale advertisement?

Unfortunately the majority of these literal advertising giants end up occupying tons of space in our country’s landfills. Now, however, thanks to some ingenious creativity, corporate advertisers can get even more bang for their billboard-advertising bucks. Made of durable, weather-resistant vinyl, the large format artwork of billboards can now be transformed from a prominent outdoor advertising medium into colorful and unique promotional bags.

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Bags, Bags and more Bags!

In the Holiday Season, I found myself among the hundreds of other shoppers feeling the pressure of finishing up my holiday shopping for my friends and family members.

In the mall this past weekend I couldn’t help but notice all of the unique shopping bags draped on shoulders, stuffed into carts or piled onto ever-so-friendly husbands on the benches in the middle of the mall. I realized this weekend the amazing power of custom bags and the impact they carry when being toted around the mall.

Whether the bags promote holiday graphics, or the store name, or 50% OFF EVERYTHING, custom bags can become a walking billboard for your store or brand. It’s almost as if your customers are paying you to advertise.

Hmm – now there is an interesting concept.

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