cruzin cooler

Promotional Cooler + Scooter = Cruzin Cooler

With college football season quickly approaching, I am already anxious to see the new, innovative products to hit the tailgating scene. Promotional coolers, while certainly useful, are not typically the most exciting imprinted items… or so I thought! A cutting edge invention has proven my assumption wrong. Last football season, I spotted a Georgia Tech police officer riding around on a Cruzin Cooler- a motorized cooler with space for a custom decal on one side. After conducting a little bit of research on the Cruzin Cooler company, I have discovered that talk show host Ellen Degeneres was given her very own custom Cruzin Cooler with all kinds of amazing special features. To learn more about Ellen’s one-of-a-kind cooler/scooter, keep reading…

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