Promotional Apparel at IHOP Advertises New Movie, “Despicable Me”

Despicable Me at Universal Studios

Pancakes and cartoons: if you ask me, indulging in these two guilty pleasures sounds like an ideal way to kick off a Sunday morning! A few weeks ago, I visited a local IHOP restaurant to chow down on some delicious chocolate chip pancakes, and instead of walking into an ordinary IHOP, I was presented with an atmosphere that was much friendlier and more inviting. The reason for the kid-friendly ambience? A marketing campaign promoting the newly released, animated movie, “Despicable Me” at all IHOP locations.

For more information about this great example of cobranding, the effectiveness of promotional apparel and why you should see “Despicable Me,”  keep reading…

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“Sex and the City 2” Promotional Products: Approved by Carrie & Friends

Guilty as charged: I am a long-time fan of “Sex and the City.” I’ve seen almost every episode of the show, went to the premiere of the movie, and look forward to seeing the movie’s sequel. With young girls now participating in Facebook polls to determine “Which ‘Sex and the City’ Character Are You?,” the series has clearly become one of the cultural phenomena of this generation.

But, as many critics have been saying, is it time for the franchise to graciously bow out before it begins to go stale? Promotional products from brand name laptops to luxury vodka are rumored to dominate the two and a half hour film and you can find merchandise inspired by (and in some cases, featured in!) the movie in stores near you.

Read more about where to find SATC2 branded items after the break…

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