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Keep cool with Can Coolers, research agrees

Can coolers and Koozie’s® are big in the promotional product world. They are colorful, can be collapsible, and tend to have huge imprint areas. And most importantly, they keep drinks cold. But if you ever happened to question if they really do keep your beverages frosty, Lifehacker recently featured an article about research done at the University of Washington that proves once what most all tailgaters know.

So now we can rejoice! Whether you are a fan of collapsible can coolers, zip up bottle ones, or ones shaped like jerseys, you’ll know you are giving something that actually works. In the end, like I’ve said many times before, the best promotional products are the ones that serve a purpose and get bonus points if they fulfill a need that may not have been glaringly obvious. We’ve all had a drink that goes warm in our hands, or an ice-cold brew that’s almost uncomfortable to hold. With a can cooler, you’ll always be front and center at any outdoor events. Think of all the picnic, tailgating, and outdoor adventures where tons of thirsty people will be holding onto a beverage that is cradled by your logo-ed can cooler.

With so many promotional products that can be loud and showy, the eye-catchers that will always mean a line at the latest tradeshow, simple items like can coolers can be overlooked or be considered expendable. But upon closer inspection, the pros will always outweigh the cons. After all, with a low price point, ability to be easily and lightly packed, and a myriad of creative imprint options, the can cooler is a great simple object that you can give your own unique spin to.

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Moving Day and Promotional Products

I’ve helped my fair share of friends move over the years, from the simple early college days when it was a few boxes between dorms to the first “big kid” apartments that involved mattresses and sofas and breakable dishes. Now it seems like it’s time for them to return the favor as I’ll be moving this weekend. I want to give them something to thank them for the help, like a bridesmaid gift or groomsmen gift that’s way more practical. I’ve decided to go with the classic thank you of pizza and beer and maybe a few promotional products that will make sure they’ll be happy to help me out the next time I have to move.

Promotional Products on Moving Day

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