toro y moi in atlanta & promotional products for indie artists

When I heard Toro y Moi at a free show at Vacation Gallery & Boutique in January, I had never heard of the guy and was really only going to have something to do. The space was tight — I was squeezed up next to a rack of vintage dresses — and some technical problems cut the show short after only a couple of sets, but… it. was. awesome.

It’s not often that I like an artist after the first listen, but Toro y Moi is one of those exceptions. As one commenter on the YouTube page for the video above pointed out with surprising clarity, “Theres some music that human beings cant resist” [sic].

Tomorrow night Toro y Moi will open for Caribou at The Earl, whose schedule declares emphatically that tickets are SOLD OUT!

(Learn more below about Toro y Moi and how indie bands should use promotional products to support word-of-mouth marketing.) Keep reading.

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promotional stickers brand local businesses

Independent shops, theaters, bars and restaurants depend largely on their fans to spread brand awareness through word of mouth. Since they don’t have the big budgets to fund traditional advertising, they mostly limit their merchandise to promotional stickers or buttons that sit at the cash register.

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