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Flash Drive Business Cards

Leave it to the writers over at Bit Rebels to find another creative invention. I have previously written about the Penny Shooter Business Card and Food-Replica Flash Drives thanks to BR, but now they have led me to a new item that combines the useful parts of the two aforementioned products and blends them into one great promotional item – what I am calling, the Flash Drive Business Card.

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toro y moi in atlanta & promotional products for indie artists

When I heard Toro y Moi at a free show at Vacation Gallery & Boutique in January, I had never heard of the guy and was really only going to have something to do. The space was tight — I was squeezed up next to a rack of vintage dresses — and some technical problems cut the show short after only a couple of sets, but… it. was. awesome.

It’s not often that I like an artist after the first listen, but Toro y Moi is one of those exceptions. As one commenter on the YouTube page for the video above pointed out with surprising clarity, “Theres some music that human beings cant resist” [sic].

Tomorrow night Toro y Moi will open for Caribou at The Earl, whose schedule declares emphatically that tickets are SOLD OUT!

(Learn more below about Toro y Moi and how indie bands should use promotional products to support word-of-mouth marketing.) Keep reading.

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