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Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: Nike Golf for 2013

I know it is January, but I am already dreaming of spring. And we here in Atlanta are expected to reach the upper 60’s later this week! What bliss! Springtime and golf go hand and hand. This past week the PGA Tour hit Hawaii. Check out the latest PGA news here. It’s very cool to see what Nike, Adidas and Callaway gear the pros are sporting.

Whatever the climate on the green, you and your brand will want to look sharp for 2013. Check out these new arrivals from Nike Golf.  With Nike’s DRI-Fit fabric technology and on-trend color choices, the recipient will be comfortable and look stylish on and off the course.

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Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: Fashionable Office Cardigans

If you work in an office that is anything like mine, you are freezing with out a sweater or blazer. Even though it is pushing 98 degrees outdoors, I find myself dreaming about cozy sweaters, layering and fall (to help me cope with the a/c chill). I have collected some of my favorite cover-ups that are office appropriate. These styles can up your cool quotient and keep you warm at your second home.

The Bella Unisex Triblend Cardigan: This cover-up can work for both sexes. Made from a poly/cotton/rayon blend, the knit is soft and cozy. Think of this as a t-shirt that has fashioned into a cardigan! I recommend embroidery on the chest.

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Product Pick of the Week: Scribble Tees

The other day, a few of my coworkers and I were discussing coloring contests. Reminiscing, I recalled going to our little grocery store with my family when I was young. I would pick up a coloring contest entry form, take it home and shade and scribble my heart out. The following weekend, we’d take the finished work of art back to the store to be posted up alongside the entries of the other budding artists.

I actually haven’t seen a coloring contest in quite some time now. (Sad, because I’m pretty sure I could win now…) But I think I may have found a unique promotional product that could possibly fill the void left with the disappearance of coloring contests: Scribble Tees.

Sarah coloring her Scribble Tee

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