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Stay warm with Cozy Fleece Custom Blankets

If you’re a blanket enthusiast, material, size, and comfort is very important. The cozy fleece custom blankets encompasses it all. The fleece blanket is 100% polyester making it easily washable. You can stay warm on a camping trip or use it for a picnic. The insulated yet breathable fabric makes it easy to customize too, making it the perfect gift for new home owners, college students, or even new parents! Continue reading

promotional items for your company picnic

at one of Pinnacle's Friday cookouts

It is high season for company picnics. In fact, Pinnacle is having lunchtime barbecues every first Friday of the month for the rest of the summer. (Thanks, bosses!) Company picnics are a great opportunity to brand internally with promotional items.

Keep reading for promotional items suggestions for company picnics.

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