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Promotional Marketing in Action: Birthday Benefits

pink.polkaEverybody has one. As kids, we count the days until they arrive. As we grow older, we begin to anticipate them less and less. You know what I’m talking about… BIRTHDAYS! Today happens to be mine (I’m the big 2-3!), and I am still young enough to actually enjoy the festivities that accompany this special day.

“Birthday marketing” is a clever marketing ploy adopted by many companies because – no surprise here- it works! According to a 2008 study, 75% of participants stated that receiving a special occasion card, like a business birthday card, with a discount would increase the likelihood that they would conduct business with the company. Everyone wants to feel special and loved on his or her birthday, and letting customers know that you value their loyalty is a great way to ensure their continued support. Gestures as small and simple as sending a direct mail piece with a coupon, brief note, and maybe even compact promotional products will achieve the desired effect and encourage repeat business.

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