Enjoy Your 20.8 Gallons of Beer a Year in the Right Promotional Glassware

In 2010, Americans guzzled down 20.8 gallons of beer per capita, which isn’t surprising when you think about how many options are out there for us to try – with 89 varieties, hundreds of brands, and a dozen glassware options, our 222-bottle average per person is completely justified.

To help us keep track of what we’re drinking and how we’re drinking it, Pop Chart Lab has developed “the world’s most comprehensive beer taxonomy,” a 2′ x 3′ limited edition poster featuring all 89 varieties of beer as well as 200+ examples, with arrows from each pointing to which type of glassware should be used for maximum enjoyment.

While you might think you know your favorite variety or brand of beer like the back of your hand, making sure that you drink it out of the recommended glassware can make a big difference. That goes for beers you might have tried but not been impressed with, too – they can taste radically different poured on draft into the right glass. Luckily, we’ve got you covered in the glassware department (but it’s up to you to decide what you put in your promotional beer glasses).

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And the award for Most Interesting Promotional Stuffed Animal goes to…

Brewdog, Scotland’s largest independent brewery, recently made headlines when it released £500, 55% ABV beer dramatically (and perhaps appropriately) called The End of History. While the price tag and very limited production (only 12 were made) make this particular drink a collector’s item, blogger Tom Scott came up with his own ‘Stotally Different’, budget-friendly version of Brewdog’s masterpiece that beer enthusiasts can create for themselves at home using items you don’t have to scrape off the road. Scott recommends using a stuffed teddy bear and a can of Sainsbury’s Value Lager, but you can substitute your own favorite promotional stuffed animal and beverage combination as you see fit.

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