So You Want to Design Your Own Logo

Here at Pinnacle, we have a full-service art department. They are a talented bunch (seriously – look at some of their videos) and if you need logo design, they’re at your disposal. But if you want to try out your hand at designing a logo yourself, you need to know where to find more fonts that the typical Arial, Georgia and Tahoma that come standard on a PC.  (We won’t even mention Comic Sans!)  So, I’m going to tell about a favorite website of mine,

At time of publication, this site has 20,099 fonts for download! Some are free, some are donationware and some are shareware. The best way to go about finding a font that you like is to click on the type of font you’re looking for, let’s say your’e looking under “fancy” for an “old school” font. Click “old school” and the more options button. From there, I like to choose the “free” or “public-domain” button. This means that you can use this font for commercial purposes. If you’re selling something, a t-shirt, a mug, etc, it’s considered commercial use. If you’re unsure, choose that option to be safe. There are still tons of choices available.

Text from Dafont
(I chose the font Team Spirit for this example.)

So, check it out and see what you can find. And remember, please send us Illustrator .ai or .eps files if possible! If not, don’t dispair, we can work with what you’ve got. Like I said, we have a super talented art team here.  (Check out our FAQ page for information about artwork submission.)

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