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Celebrate Earth Day With Eco Friendly Promotional Products

eco friendly promoitonal products

Happy Earth Day readers! Yes today is Earth Day, so here is your obligatory post about using eco friendly promotional products to help the Earth while marketing your brand.

In all seriousness though, as Lauren stated yesterday, distributing recycled promotional products is a great way to encourage environmental sustainability and to show your employees and clients that you are dedicated to this cause. And did you know that Pinnacle Promotions has an entire selection of recycled and eco friendly promotional products in our EarthSmartâ„¢ category?

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Trend watch: show your support with Eco friendly apparel

As the Gulf Coast oil spill and accusations against BP continue to make headline news, there is more emphasis now than ever before on what companies can do to promote awareness and create environmentally friendly policies and products. Recently, renowned French designer Pierre Andre Senizergues and other famous designers hopped on board with their line of Greend shirts (find them on coolhunting.com) that illustrate the fashionable side of awareness. Companies can take note from these shirts, aimed at individual consumers, by outfitting all employees in Eco friendly apparel.
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