Promotional Picture Frames to Enhance the High School Prom Experience

Gettinginto Limo.Whether or not you actually attended your high school prom, the hype surrounding this American tradition is undeniable. The planning and preparation that go into this night are immense, and students spend months agonizing over minute details like limos, corsages, attire, and, of course, dates.

Teenagers have embraced proms as an opportunity to get dressed up and dance the night away with their peers, but once curfew on prom night passes, high school students are left with little to remember the night by aside from photos and memories. To help prom-goers memorialize this important evening, prom committees should consider customizing promotional picture frames to hand out as parting gifts.

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I attended several proms throughout my adolescence, and received various party favors from each. My personal favorite? A silver promotional picture frame engraved with the name of the school, theme of the dance, and the date. While I have long since misplaced the keychains, pairs of socks, and party hats I walked away with from other proms, I placed a picture of that particular prom in the elegant souvenir frame, where it remains to this day in my childhood bedroom. Although that gift may have cost my prom committee slightly more than other giveaways and may not have seemed as “fun” at the time, picture frames are timeless items to distribute to prom attendees to remind them of their once-in-a-lifetime prom experience for years to come.

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