We Fight Dirty: A Promotional Products Family Feud

In order to fuel 2010 with creativity and excitement, Pinnacle owners Mitch and Dave have orchestrated an elaborate internal campaign designed to hit the one nerve that gets people talking: competition.

In a decision that will prove ingenious at best and at worst insane, Mitch and Dave split our company in two, slashing the Sales Department, slicing Marketing in half, and dividing the graphic designers and web programmers like so many pieces of a chocolate chip cookie cake at a third grader’s birthday party.

Since it was overheard that “trash talking will get you bonus points” (Mitch), Team Badass and The Untouchables have been doing quite a bit of it when we’re not whispering with paranoia behind closed doors about our ideas for the first sales contest.

As a disclaimer, Team Badass is better in every respect and you should pull for us. I mean them.

Now check out these photos from the beginning stages of the feud, taken by your eternally neutral photographer:


our breakroom message board with the contest details and two teams' posters

the best team's poster -- Team Badass

the best team's poster

My cubicle wall has been tagged by Badass.

My cubicle wall has been tagged by Badass.

So has Katie Barnes'.

So has Katie Barnes'.

badass chat

Badass members have branded even their chat icons.

The teams have been pranking each other back and forth. Last week Team Badass emerged from a meeting to find their screensavers glowing with a slideshow of Untouchables images. Then Monday the Untouchables discovered that all their away messages had been changed to “I <3 Team Badass!” Emails have been hacked and cubicles invaded. No one is safe.

If you have any ideas for dirty tricks and pranks, email me at acree@pinnaclepromotions.com.

And the next time you need promotional products — or just want somebody awesome to hang with at a party — email one of our Badass sales teams.

Because everyday they’re hustlin’.

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12 thoughts on “We Fight Dirty: A Promotional Products Family Feud”

  1. Thanks, Michael! Let me know if you think of any ways to prank the Untouchables (acree@pinnaclepromotions.com).

    And I’m not just sucking up when I say Sweda is my favorite vendor.

  2. Just remember, Team Donkey, that whenever you hear the name “Untouchables”, its Sean Connery’s voice invading your brain and whenever we hear “Team Badass”, we hear loud and annoying braying. Just sayin’…

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