More Hours in a Day?

Well, maybe not more hours in a day, but more hours of sunlight each day… Can you believe the photo above was taken at 11:00 pm? Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, also known as the longest day of the year. A solstice can be defined as an astronomical event which occurs twice a year, when the Earth’s axis is tilted to the greatest degree toward or away from the Sun, thus bringing the Sun’s position in the sky as seen from Earth to its northernmost or southernmost extreme.

Fortunately for all those people constantly reiterating that “there aren’t enough hours in a day,” the Summer Solstice means more hours of daylight in the northern hemisphere. Solar-powered calculators or alarms are especially appropriate giveaways during summer months because of the few additional hours of sunshine each day able to power these energy-efficient products. Watches are other promotional items that make great summertime gifts or freebies, as extended daylight hours often interfere with peoples’ internal clocks- I know I tend to check my watch more frequently when the sun doesn’t set until 9:00 pm! Include an informational sheet or even a factual tagline on the item itself to educate recipients about the reason for the season.

Summer is a fantastic time to implement creative promotional campaigns and surprise clients and employees with unique giveaways that they can utilize all day long- particularly when every day around the solstice provides bonus hours for them to use promotional products custom imprinted with your logo!

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