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bochalla-more-chocolate-cookiesOver the Thanksgiving break, not only was my belly full of turkey, but I also decided to dive into something slightly sweeter. Chocolate. I cannot tell you how much I love the stuff. White, Dark, Milk, Milk with Peanut Butter… you name it and I’ll steal it from you! Over the past year I’ve spent working at Pinnacle, I have seen my coworkers’ eyes light up numerous times at the sight of free chocolate. One office favorite in particular is the chocolate covered cookie, which combines a piece of decadent chocolate with the satisfying crunch of a cookie. This rich snack is perfect for making your clients happy, not to mention its prominent advertisement of your logo. I can assure you that any box presented to our office containing these delicious treats is empty by lunchtime.

I tell my customers constantly to buy something that you know clients or employees will use frequently. Whether that purchase is comprised of clocks, stress balls or promotional pens, if end users can find lots of practical applications for the product, they will remember your company. However, sometimes a single application is able to effectively fulfill your marketing objectives- I don’t have to tell you my personal favorite gift option is anything edible. Devouring the item provides immediate satisfaction that leaves a lasting impression by appealing to my taste buds. For target audiences with sweet teeth, such as myself, chocolate goodies that disappear in a few bites may be more memorable than something I would otherwise use everyday. It’s chocolate that sometimes gives me the sugary boost to stay motivated during a long day at work and I keep stock in case it’s been an unusually stressful day. Make your customers’ bellies happy and your business may benefit as a result.

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