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MoneyBlogNewzI was watching one of my new favorite shows, How’d You Get So Rich, with Joan Rivers the other night and I realized I must be doing something wrong.

The premise of the show entails Joan Rivers examining the immense wealth accumulated by regular folks that hit it rich with the creation of a product or company. While watching this episode, I couldn’t help but wonder what it is that makes a product so revolutionary, so desirable, that the inventor is made a multi-millionaire almost instantly? How is it that such simple ideas. Such basic, never-take-a-second-glance products can make a regular person super, ridiculously rich!?

I guess the most obvious reason that creative genius hasn’t struck me is that I’m not an inventor. I don’t look at the ordinary and plot a faster, prettier, more effective product. But trust me. Now I’m trying my best to. Now don’t get me wrong. I love my day job. But who wouldn’t want to at least be able to afford a shiny new Italian sports car, or a sparkling clean new mansion? The world of the wealthy seems so attractive and easy from the outside…

Okay. Now back to reality. I may never be a multi-millionaire. And honestly I don’t really need to be – nor do I really even want to be. But I can’t help but be fascinated by the way some people build their fortunes.

There is one thing that every one of these people has in common. They have built a recognizable brand. Whether it is a clothing label, an inventive toy or a redesigned gadget, these people have marketed and built their brand/product to a level that is almost unreachable.

Take a tip from these marketing geniuses and build your brand. Unexpected and unique promotional products, giveaways and stylish apparel can all be great ways to get your advertising message out into the public. No matter what your line of business entails, promotional marketing and public visibility are key to your success.

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