Luxury Promotional Bags and How to Use the Blogosphere to Your Advantage

A Google search for the phrase “fashion blogs” results in about 144,000,000 results. Compare that to the 95,900,000 search results for the term “stock market today” and the 82,000,000 results for “local weather,” and it becomes apparent that there is an enormous market for fashion-focused websites. Millions of loyal readers have made it a ritual to check in with their favorite fashion bloggers daily, and the popularity of these blogs has forced retail brands stand up and take notice. In fact, many well-known fashion bloggers earn six-figure salaries, thanks to advertising revenue and affiliate marketing.

Recently, Coach invited four notable fashion bloggers to collaborate with their designers to create a series of limited edition ladies’ handbags, “Coach Collectibles”. Each blogger therefore has her own statement bag, true to her unique style and perspective. 200 bags in each style are available on Coach’s website (until supplies run out!) and every promotional bag sold comes with an attached hang tag touting the name of the blogger who helped design it.

What do I think about Coach’s latest initiative: brilliant. Many American women view fashion bloggers as a reliable source of information about the latest trends, so who better to help set the trends than the very people who disperse the trends to large, impressionable audiences? The excited bloggers have obviously informed their readers of their partnership with Coach via their blogs, and a single click on any of their sites directs readers to Coach’s website where they can purchase the online only luxury handbags.

Of course, Coach is not the only party that will reap the benefits of the bloggers’ involvement. Fans of the brand visit its official website on a regular basis to browse seasonal collections and sales, and the product pages for “Coach Collectibles” include links pointing back to their namesakes’ respective homepages. Coach shoppers may not have heard about these particular fashion blogs before, so the bloggers stand to gain new readers through this clever cross-promotion.

Industry-specific blogs are prime real estate to reach out to your target audience. Peoples’ passions drive their Internet surfing activities and top bloggers on any subject matter garner tons of impressions from receptive readers. Send them a free sample of your product and encourage them to review it on their blog. Ask them for their opinions on the state of your industry. Mail them a free giveaway or two with your brand’s contact information. Talk to them about ways to get their readers involved, such as through contests or giveaways sponsored by your brand. Any way that you can think of to foster connections with your industry’s blogging community may result in positive publicity on a larger scale than you ever thought possible.

Pictured: Cupcakes and Cashmere for Coach limited edition handbag

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