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This weekend my beloved iPhone 3GS met an untimely end when it slipped from my hand and landed on concrete screen first. I’ve dropped that phone a hundred times in the years that I’ve had it and I probably should have had it on a stand, but I knew when I heard an odd crunchy noise that we had reached the end. When I picked it up, the screen was completely shattered and I was finally conviced it was time for a new phone . But any sadness of the loss of my 2 year old phone has been replaced by the accessory-craze I get each time I upgrade! For this phone, I’m thinking of taking a retro-vintage vibe with my accessory collection, contrasting all that ever-changing technology with a few timeless pieces (hence the low-fi title today).  Best of all, the cellphone accessory collection at Pinnacle means this will be my most stylish and well-protected iPhone yet.

We’ve talked about the Ringy Dingy on our blog before, but I seriously need to take a moment to reiterate how awesome this item is. Built like the traditional phones of yesteryear, it comes in 7 fun colors with a matching cord that easily plugs into your headphone jack and lets you talk into the receiver instead of the phone itself. Besides being great for people who worry about radiation from their phones, it is just plain helpful. I found myself no longer straining my shoulder while I talked on the phone and multi-tasked. It matches any case could I could ever want to buy and it’s lightweight construction makes it an easy addition to my everday bag!

Then there’s the iPhone Megaphone Speaker. I love adding little flairs of retro accessories to something as high-tech as my iPhone and this little speaker does just the trick. With no cables, speakers, or wires to eventually wear out on me, this item relies on good ol’ fashion amplification to turn up the sound of your music or podcasts. It’s as simple as fitting my iPhone into the bottom and pressing play.

One of my biggest complaints with my old phone was the fact that no matter how clean my fingers were, I always ended up with a smudged screen (reminding me a hilarious quote from the show New Girl, “Would you line up around the corner if they called the iPhone a slippery germ brick?”). Not wanting to end up with a slippery germ brick of my own, I’ve invested in the Fusion Stylus Pen with Magnetic Cap. Even in our wireless age, a pen will always be a necessary item and how much more convenient can it be to combine it with a smartphone compatible stylus? I’ll tell you how, by making the stylus-cap magnetic, ensuring it’ll never get lost in a pocket or the sea of random items that mill around my bags.

So there you have it! 3 easy items that provide a good basis for all the fun toys and add-ons you can connect in one way or another to your iPhone or a variety of other smartphones. And our cellphone accessory collection doesn’t end here, we’ve got you covered with our Cellphone Accessory category. Check it out, you may just find that one unique product you or your customers can’t live without.

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