Iconic Logo Apparel: Wonder Woman Debuts a New Look

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There are few women more admirable than comic book legend Wonder Woman, who battles evil in a skimpy leotard and go-go boots without breaking a sweat. In honor of the 600th edition of Wonder Woman comics, DC Comics recently revamped Wonder Woman’s signature look, outfitting her in simple black leggings and a bustier top with a bolero jacket.

To learn more about Wonder Woman’s less revealing attire and why logo apparel has the power to communicate a strong message about a brand,

The reason behind Wonder Woman’s makeover? According to J Michael Straczynski, who is responsible for the superhero’s new story, the character hasn’t changed her outfit since she debuted in 1941, and he thought it was time to bring her into modern day with a tougher, more sensible set of clothes. While still as stylish as ever, the classic character’s clothing portrays her in a different light, bringing her into the 21st century with an air of sophistication and athleticism.

Wonder Woman’s significant transformation speaks volumes about the current state of feminism in society. Just like her male crime-fighting counterparts, Wonder Woman is now able to do her civil duty while maintaining self-respect and dignity by donning appropriate attire (and not a bathing suit-esque unitard!). My personal favorite aspect of her wardrobe redesign: more sensible navy shoes. Yes, high heels can enhance the elegance of an outfit; but if Wonder Woman can tone down her look and put away her flashy red go-go boots, I think it is safe to say that comfort is now on par with style when it comes to ladies’ footwear.

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