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It’s the first day of October! Personally the first day of October means tons of jokes about finally being able to wake up the guys from Green Day, it means I can no longer pretend that it’s the middle of summer and flip-flops start staying at home, and, my personal favorite, I get to start stocking up on candy under the pretense of getting it for the kids in my neighborhood. Here at Pinnacle we’re no strangers to Promotional Candy, and from our lengthy collection I’ve chose three of my favorites.

I’ll start with my personal favorite, the Gummy Bears in a Stand Up Pouch. Many gummy bears just have a general sugary taste with no discernable flavor from one color to the next. Not these! Each color has a distinct flavor and I may or may not have spent an entire afternoon mixing different colors for unique flavor combinations. Another great feature of these Gummy Bears is that they are available in a series of different packaging options like this stand up pouch and window tins.

If your candy predilections lean toward the sour and tart, then check out the Fruit Sours in the Circle Safe-T Fresh Container. They remind me a lot of the Warheads I used to love when I was younger. Like the Gummy Bears, the Fruit Sours also come in a variety of packages.

And if you goal is to impress, then look no further than the Circus Gumball Machine. All the fun of an old-school gumball machine in a much more portable size!

So there you have it, Pinnacle enough candy options to keep you in a sugar rush for the rest of the year!

And as a blog bonus, I have recently learned that there is way to make a more grown-up variation of gummy bears that would be great for Halloween parties and the like. If you soak gummy bears (or gummy worms!) in liquor, they swell in size and it’s a fun way to add a grown-up touch a costume party: just make sure everyone is of age and enjoy!

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