Does Money Make the World of Promotional Products Go Around?


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They all say “money makes the world go around.” But in the contemplative words of Tim McGraw, “who are they?” Well, I guess the overwhelming majority of society has adopted this mentality, but that does not mean that this statement should be interpreted as law. Children are taught at a young age through the use of allowances to value money and spend it wisely, but too often kids grow up to become jaded and materialistic, losing sight of what is really important in life.

Promotional products can serve as valuable marketing tools to attract business, but they need to be properly integrated into a cohesive marketing mix to return optimal results. Relationship management is a critical aspect of running a company, and you want to take necessary steps to ensure that your brand is perceived positively among current and potential customers. You need not shell out big bucks to impress end users of your promotional products with expensive gifts; sometimes it really is the thought that counts.

In college I took a marketing course entirely based on the concept that the best companies, the ones which make the greatest impact on the world around them and therefore stand the test of time, are those that have a soul. Soulfulness is an admirable quality that comes from within a brand: it is the intrinsic principles and values that guide the company every single day, and it cannot be communicated adequately in a mission statement or companywide memo. Ultimately, every organization needs money in order to remain in existence, but there are many other important factors that must be present to create a strong brand identity.

I am not trying to discourage you from investing in costly customized executive gifts or gift baskets. These items promote your brand’s professionalism and appreciation for valued clientele. However, you can achieve comparable success by employing less expensive promotional products and coupling them with articulate, compelling imprint messages or underlying marketing sentiments.

One of my favorite examples of inexpensive, yet highly effective, marketing with promotional products is LiveStrong bracelets. These cheap bracelets started a movement across the country in support of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Consumers can buy their own custom imprinted bracelets, featuring the word “LiveStrong,” to publicize their support for the charitable cause, while also helping fundraising efforts for the foundation.

The popularity of LiveStrong bracelets demonstrates how simple it is to use promotional products for good, and the potential benefits that can be reaped by associating your brand with meaningful causes. Show the public that your company has a soul by distributing items like EarthSmart™ pens and jotters with your logo. You can also give these products out in your office or workplace to set a precedent for environmentally conscious actions.

Another way to get the word out about your company’s unique culture is by customizing inexpensive promotional products with phrases (not slogans!) that your employees live by every day. Some examples may be “Do good to do well” for a bank or financial institution, or “Mindful matters” for an educational foundation or think tank. Any way that you can think of to illustrate your company’s mantras in a genuine way to your target audience can boost brand loyalty and recognition. Check out our Sales and Closeouts category to take advantage of our current deals.

The answer to the question posed in the title of this blog post is yet to be determined. Look within your company or organization to reach your own conclusion, as every business operates differently and has its own set of objectives. Whether you decide to shell out big bucks or just small change, I wish you the best of luck with whatever direction you choose to take with your promotional products purchases!

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I like that concept; the most successful of companies have a soul. There exists a passion about the product or within the workplace that defines who or what the company is. Doing shallow things for marketing reasons is easy to spot by the average consumer; but holding on to the pure essence is what truly sets one company apart from another.

Put simply, people love things that are genuine, and can spot them a mile away.

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