Dannell Leyva’s Lucky Towel

Some people have a lucky rabbit’s foot, some people have lucky charms, US Gynmast Dannell Leyva has a lucky towel.  And that lucky towel helped him to win a bronze medal in the Men’s Gymnastics All-Around competition.  Well, that and being a really good gymnast.

Dannell Leyva Towel
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According to an article in USA Today, Leyva drapes the towel over his head so he isn’t distracted between events. He dubbed the towel lucky when he asked two of his aunts to get him a towel and they came back with the exact same one. Though one of them has since seen it’s demise, the other has been lucky ever since.

Check it out!  Oh, the things I do for Pinnacle’s blog.

Lee with Leyva Towel

Yup, I have the same towel!  My husband and I got really excited when we saw it on tv draped over Leyva’s head. So much so that we had to take a similar picture, although now I realize it’s backwards.

It’s incredibly random that this towel that’s been banished to the back of my linen closet has become famous.  I mean, it even has a twitter account. True, it’s not the exact same towel, but maybe it’ll bring me luck too.

So, imagine if Leyva’s aunts had brought him a different towel, say one with your logo imprinted on it? Millions of people who are tuning into the Olympics would see your logo. It might not happen, but I never thought that this old towel of mine would get any airtime either and we see what happened there.

Check out our selection of towels; you never know what’ll happen in Sochi or Rio.

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There is a ton of athletes that are very superstitious and they need that comfort of something familiar. It can be a towel, blanket, socks or anything they can keep constant. Thanks for the post it is really good.

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