Corporate Holiday Gifts: Create A Smorgasbord for the Senses

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An article published on last week, “How Cinnamon Smells Will Save Holiday Sales,” discusses techniques for marketers to leverage the five senses to boost holiday sales this season. While the article is geared toward brick-and-mortar stores, the recommendations can be carried over into businesses hosted online, as well as service providers, with some slight adjustments. In particular, the advice given by author Eric Markowitz can enhance corporate holiday gifts and lead to more memorable, meaningful brand associations among your target audience.

Experiential marketing is a much simpler undertaking when your business interactions occur offline and you can immerse the customer or end user in whatever environment you can conjure up. From subtle scent diffusers to color schemes that evoke vivid holiday memories and themes, marketers are able to set the tone for sales in a number of ways at physical locations.

Why not introduce similar tactics to holiday direct mail pieces? Spritz a light, familiar scent like pine, cinnamon or peppermint onto your company’s annual holiday card prior to sending it to valued clients. Some recipients may not even pick up on the understated notes of a holiday-related smell, but the ones that do detect the scent will appreciate the thoughtful sentiment and associate your brand with seasonal cheer.

Paco Underhill, author of Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping, contributed another clever tidbit to the article. In response to the observation that a savory or sweet smell can make shoppers hungry, Underhill stated, “…when you’re hungry, you’re more apt to buy anything, not just food.”

Presenting customers and prospects with scented lotions, lip balms, and hand sanitizers branded with your logo may drive sales year-round as recipients begin to associate appetizing smells, with your company.

Along the same lines as tantalizing smells, taste can play into holiday sales success, too. Food gifts like cookie and candy towers allow recipients to indulge their sweet teeth, courtesy of your brand. These corporate holiday gifts are ideal for groups and offices, as multiple people can share and enjoy them throughout the holidays.

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