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Trade Show 101: Five Secrets to Winning at Your Next Trade Show

Trade show season is upon us, y’all, and there’s no escaping it.

In fact, statistics show that 82% of trade show attendees have buying authority, and that 77% of executive decision makers found at least ONE new supplier at the most recent trade show they attended.

Those numbers are staggering, and they cannot be ignored.

That being said, you can’t just go waltzing into a trade show and expect to draw people’s attention and become the king of the crowd – that’s just not how it works. Your trade show booth has to be attention-grabbing, original and different from everyone else.

Trade shows are a chance for you and your business to shine, and they’re the perfect opportunity for you to show potential customers why they should choose YOU over the competition.

Now – just how do you do that?

1. Trade Show Displays and Signage

Trade show displays help you and your business Make the right impression™ right from the very beginning. Most of the time, trade show displays are the very first thing attendees will see, therefore making sure you have an attention-grabbing display is more than just important – it’s necessary. Your display should be large in size, and it should accurately depict your brand and business. A display like this one is not only large enough to demand attention, but it’s also completely customizable, AND it comes equipped with everything from a pop-up frame to graphic end panels.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.46.05 AM   Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.46.32 AM

2. Giveaways, Giveaways and More Giveaways

You know that promotional products are a must when it comes to trade shows, but you need to make sure that the promotional products you decide to bring along are items that your attendees will actually WANT. Creative giveaway ideas are the key to getting more traffic to your booth, as well as the key to retaining the attention of your attendees long after they’ve left the show. Items like custom sunglasses make perfect trade show giveaways because they’re efficient and practical, especially during the summer months. Custom flash drives are also popular among trade show attendees, and they’re also good for you because you can upload any documents or company information to the drive before giving them out to your prospects. That’s called taking advantage of hidden marketing gems!

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.47.45 AM   Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.48.04 AM

3. Trade Show Apparel

The one thing to remember about trade shows is that they’re in-person and real-time events. This is the one time – and it could be the ONLY time – for you to make a good first impression on the attendees who approach your booth. Having a chic and professional look for yourself and your colleagues is key to giving you and your business that buttoned-up look and feel. Remember – trade shows are a time for you to have a good time and show your brand’s personality, but it’s all about one thing at the end of the day: driving more business. Button up, straighten your tie or skirt, and get out there and Make the right impression™.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.49.15 AM       Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.50.42 AM

4. Custom Bags and Totes

Technically, these items could fall under the giveaways section, but we decided to give them their very own space due to their sheer importance. When you give away custom bags and totes at trade shows, you are doing so much more than just providing attendees with a simple bag – you’re essentially making those attendees your very own personal brand ambassadors. Think about it. They’re going to put all of their trade show goodies in that bag – YOUR bag – and then they’re going to carry that bag with them everywhere they go for the rest of the day. That means your brand and your logo will be making its rounds, too, guaranteeing optimal exposure and mileage.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.51.47 AM        Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.52.06 AM

5. Personality

Okay, we know this isn’t something you can buy and set up at your next trade show, but it’s still important nonetheless. Your personality and attitude is everything when it comes to making your trade show booth inviting and exciting for attendees. People will be more willing to make their way to your exhibit if you and your team are smiling and conversing with attendees. The whole point here is to make your attendees feel welcome and comfortable when they’re at your booth.

Trade shows are some of the best forms of marketing for your business, and when they’re executed correctly, they can drive brand recognition, leads and eventually sales.

So keep these five winning secrets in mind next time you’re gearing up for a trade show and you’ll be sure to Make the right impression™.



Your Promotional Pocket Guide: 5 Must-Haves for a Beach Ready Brand

As the weather warms up and summer vacation travel plans are in the works, now is the perfect time to promote your brand message. Customers are getting themselves in shape for spending time at the beach, and – to be completely honest – your brand should be, too.

Promotional products will help both you and your customers take full advantage of a relaxing day at the beach. Consider these five essentials for a beach-ready brand, and your customers will thank you every time your products make their beach day just a little more enjoyable:

Sun Protection Promotional Products

As we’ve mentioned before, with warm weather comes the risk of skin damage from sun exposure. Helping customers enjoy the outdoors without experiencing these potential problems can give your brand a competitive advantage. Branded sun-protection products like sunglasses, sunscreen, visors, and handheld fans, show your customers that your brand is considerate of their needs and well-being. These types of promotional products can be easily stored and carried, ensuring optimal brand mileage and continued exposure.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.19.25 PM      Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.20.01 PM

Tap Into Nature With Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Since summertime is when most of us head out to enjoy the outdoors, it’s also the perfect time to show your customers just how much you appreciate and respect the environment. Custom eco-friendly products like reusable tote bags, BPA-free water bottles, eco-safe water bottles, and bottle coolers are excellent options if you are looking for unique giveaway items that will highlight your brand personality and help you develop a good reputation. These environmentally-conscious, custom products will make for meaningful mementos, and they are guaranteed to see repeated use.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.21.50 PM       Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.22.42 PM

Stand Out With Bigger Outdoor Promotional Products

While there’s no doubt that the aforementioned smaller promotional products will boost your brand awareness, these larger outdoor products will make an even more impactful brand statement. Custom branding larger items like beach towels and mats, coolers, beach chairs, and picnic baskets provide considerably more space for your branding to be displayed. This is an economical way to advertise your business and create greater brand visibility. You can cleverly draw attention to your brand without expensive and intrusive advertising. In turn, you’ll easily develop a brand following. These make wonderful complementary gifts, which customers will love to receive and show off at their beach parties.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.08.52 PM        Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.25.32 PM

Liven Up Playtime With Promotional Products

Infuse some branding into your customer’s beach fun. Custom printing your corporate logo onto family-friendly products like frisbees, beach balls, paddle ball sets, and soft dart rockets offer customers an unexpected token of appreciation that will help them remember your brand. This will propel their interest in sharing your brand message with others. These fun-inducing promotional products add an extra dose of branding charm that will connect with customers on a more personal level, and custom toys and games will appeal to all age groups.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.27.06 PM      Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.27.28 PM

Promotional Products from Top to Bottom

It may be hard to believe it, but beach staples can go a long way if they are appropriately custom printed with your company logo. Customers will be ready from head to toe wearing items like your custom flip flops and swim goggles, and they will be reminded of your brand as they go from casually strolling on the sandy beaches to taking a dip in the refreshing waters. These practical gifts will be kept, remembered, and frequently used, so they are a good way to reward customers for their support.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.29.42 PM      Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.30.35 PM

You can easily satisfy the needs of customers AND your business by taking each and every detail of the beach experience into account.

By taking advantage of custom beach products, you can subtly integrate your brand message into the lives of customers AND ensure your logo enjoys a nice, long summer vacation.



Three Steps to the Perfect Promotional Tailgate

When your customers are gearing up for game day, you may want to stir up some more excitement by throwing a killer tailgate party. But to do that, there are some things that you need to take into consideration.

In terms of building your business, promotional products can add a sneaky element of branding to your party atmosphere, WITHOUT detracting from the fun.

Creating a branded tailgate experience helps customers celebrate in style, all while helping you to expand your reach. Follow these three useful steps to help you host the perfect promotional tailgate:

1. Deck it Out With Decorations

To get your guests in the right mood and to create the perfect ambiance, you need to have both appropriate and attention-grabbing decorations. For example, you could plan your decorations based on your favorite team’s colors or mascot. Whatever you decide to do, don’t be shy when it comes to tailgate decorating – you can put up as much or as little as you want. Promotional products like balloons and foam fingers could be just what you need to make your tailgating party pop. Custom printing your logo across these custom items is an innovative (and enjoyable) way for your customers to relate to your brand AND have fun at the same time!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.54.56 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.56.16 AM

2. Have Food Galore

Although your tailgaters might bring some snacks of their own, having plenty of good food is a must for hosting a killer tailgating party. For example, you can distribute custom popcorn packs, which contain candy and popcorn in a cute wrapper that can be custom printed with your logo. It doesn’t matter if your guests are craving something sweet or savory – you’ll have them covered. Offering complementary branded gift boxes like this one, which comes equipped with four different kinds of pretzels, could really hit the spot with customers. For the most part, tailgating guests look forward to a sampling of good food that’s hot off the grill. So, there’s no better way to promote your brand than with a custom portable grill, which is guaranteed to make your brand the center of attention. By equipping your company tailgate with an impressive assortment of branded snacks, your customers will not just be loving your brand with full hearts – they’ll also be loving your brand with full tummies!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.09.32 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.59.23 AM

3. Be Ready with Game Day Essentials

 Because it usually takes place in a casual outdoor setting, tailgate parties don’t follow the etiquette of a traditional party. To provide a friendly and engaging environment, you need to have essentials like adequate seating, as well as items for serving all the delicious food you’ll be sharing with your guests. Easy to store and easy to set up, the sturdy Game Day Director Chair can be custom printed with your corporate logo, ensuring brand exposure through every avenue. It even has side beverage holders and zips for convenience. Once guests are settled in their seats, you can start distributing your branded beverage napkins, along with delicious, hot or cold food on branded party plates, which can also hold a 12 oz. beverage can or – our personal favorite – a wine glass.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.11.58 PM   Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.12.32 PM

By branding your next company tailgate from top to bottom, you’ll be able to attract potential customers, engage them, and make a long-lasting impression.

Generating buzz through a fun event like this will ensure that your brand receives maximum exposure. If you follow this planning guide for your next promotional tailgate, your brand will surely be the MVP of game day!



Custom Logo Imprinting: Behind The Scenes

So we’ve told you about the advantages of certain promotional products, but now you may be curious as to how the magic behind custom printing your corporate logo on promotional merchandise actually works.

One of the most widely used techniques in the promotional products industry is screen printing, because the process works so well on so many different types of items.

Another major advantage of using this is that graphics that are printed through the process don’t fade as easily as they do through the other printing processes, and it is generally the most inexpensive printing option.

Screen printing, at its base, is a stenciling process of getting ink onto a surface through a prepared screen of fine material. The end result looks something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 2.04.59 PM

Item#: USA100 – Port & Company All-American Tee

Let’s dive into a little behind the scenes of what this looks like.

In order for screen printing to be possible, a bit of a pre-press process has to take place.

  • It all starts with a fine, mesh screen. This is tightly stretched around a rigid frame. The areas that will not be printed are masked out on the screen. The screen is also thoroughly cleaned with a special wash and degreaser, and finally dried.
  • Once it is fully cleaned, the screen is coated with a green emulsion, which is a thin coating of light sensitive and water-soluble film or paper.
  • Next, a special ink is applied to the screen in the shape of your custom logo. The areas that were masked off will prevent the ink from seeping through, while the unmasked areas will allow the ink to be imprinted onto the material.
  • When the screen is exposed to ultraviolet light, the green emulsion hardens everywhere, except for the section shielded from the UV light by that special ink.
  • Then, all that’s left to do is to spray the screen with water, which washes away the ink and non-hardened emulsion under it, leaving a negative in the shape of your logo.

Now, we get into the main process:

  • The operator locks the screen into the station, pours on the printing ink, and aligns it as necessary.
  • A thin layer of ink is spread over the screen, and it seeps through the logoed portion of the mesh, and onto the item.
  • The ink is then heat-dried in an oven, or under UV light.
  • Depending on the shape of the product, some screen items may require a few extra steps.

Screen printing is a handy and versatile method of efficiently printing your logo onto a range of custom promotional products like the Non Woven Promotional Cinch Pack, the Arc Edge Two Tone Imprinted Umbrella, and the Screen Printed Clois-Tech Label Pin.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 2.22.06 PM  46 in. Arc Edge Two Tone Imprinted Umbrella        screen printed clois tech lapel pin

At Pinnacle Promotions, this is just one of the processes that we implement in order to help you reinforce your brand and Make the right impression™ with your marketing efforts. All you need to do is take the first step by connecting with us today.



Branding 101: Top Tips for a Polished Logo

Promotional products are an excellent way to promote your business, however, in order for you to successfully advertise with them, your logo needs to be very well designed and memorable.

According to Mashable, your logo is the initial introduction to your brand. And because your logo essentially serves as your brand representation, achieving (and maintaining) brand recognition hinges on the sheer quality and design of your logo.

As every business seeks to develop their unique identity, it’s not only important, but it’s necessary to develop an image that will stick in the minds of your customers. If you develop a distinctive and relevant logo that clearly expresses your brand message, then you will certainly be able to connect with customers, as well as Make the right impression.™

Take your brand to the next level with these top tips for a polished and memorable logo:

Keep it Simple

While a logo should be eye-catching, it shouldn’t be complicated. You should be able to capture the essence of your brand in a single, impactful image. Don’t create something so complex that it confuses viewers, and forces them to think and analyze in order to make sense of the logo. Over-designing by putting too many ideas together at once instead of creating one cohesive design is not equivalent to innovation. If you keep your logo simple, it will be much easier to develop brand recognition.

Make it Versatile

Your logo design shouldn’t simply look good on paper. It should be adaptable to all different types of media, whether it’s on a coffee mug, a t-shirt, the screen of a mobile or desktop device, or even a billboard. A logo design should not be restricted by a particular color scheme or size. The overall quality and visual impact should still remain intact, even if it’s displayed in black and white or in colors that are not in the actual design. By understanding that your logo will be seen in various places, you can design it so its integrity is preserved regardless of how it’s scaled. 

Be Appropriate For The Business

An effective logo should be a representation of your business. You should make design and typography decisions based on the type of company you have, i.e. corporate, sports-oriented, kid-friendly. Every component of the logo should have a purpose in communicating the overall brand story, as opposed to throwing elements in because they look cool to you. While keeping your own company personality in mind, you should also understand who your customers are, and what’s relevant to them. Tie together your target audience and your brand mission, and this will guide you in designing a meaningful logo.

Make it Timeless

Even if trends change, your logo should still stay true to your company, and be able to endure the test of time. In other words, the logo should still have the same visual and branding impact that it had when it was originally designed. Even if you do have to make some updates or revisions later on, you still need to maintain consistency that establishes yourself as a memorable and recognizable brand. Ultimately, your goal is to create a lasting impression that will make your customers (and potential customers) want to do business with you.

If you put some thought into the design of your company logo, which is often the first point of contact between your brand and your customers, you can make a long-lasting connection AND achieve brand recognition and understanding.

By putting these tips into practice, you will have an original logo that will be applicable to different media, color schemes, time periods, and customers, all while still clearly conveying your brand mission and story.



Hot Promotional Products: Sunny Essentials for a Brand that Shines

While soaking up some sun can be rejuvenating, unprotected exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause serious damage – even in the DARK, as this study shows.

In addition to that, having some accessories that are both fun and useful will help your potential customers stay cool while they’re having fun in the sun, all while you and your business gains some much-needed exposure (brand exposure, that is – not sunlight exposure).

With a promotional upgrade to this selection of items that help beat the heat, your brand can be seen by customers far and wide, and they will make your customers’ day in the sun even brighter.

It doesn’t matter if they are sunbathing on the beach or just going for a leisurely walk in the park, getting your logo custom printed onto a few these sunny essentials will allow you to capture and retain attention in an impactful, yet thoughtful manner.

Econo Visor Cap

There’s nothing more comfortable than wearing a protective, yet trendy cap on a hot, sunny day. This custom visor comes equipped with an adjustable Velcro strap that’s lightweight, and when printed with your logo or company name, this promotional visor easily becomes a subtle (but effective) form of advertisement. This will help you increase brand awareness and, in turn, will make an excellent complementary gift option to distribute to potential customers at trade shows and special events.

According to a 2014 impressions study conducted by PPAI, 42% of U.S. consumers keep promotional hats because they are attractive – second only to outerwear. With this custom visor, looking attractive is certainly not an issue, especially when you have a choice of eight attractive colors. The stronger impression you can make on a customer with a promotional hat, the more likely that person is to keep the product and continue using it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 12.50.02 PM

Sun Care Kit

Customers can kick back and relax on a warm day with this to-go kit that contains essentials for safe outdoor entertainment – anti-itching cream, bandages, sunscreen, lip balm, and aloe vera. You can get your logo custom printed right onto the front of the convenient plastic case, making it easy for customers to identify your company as a helpful aid in their everyday lives, and one that they will be inspired to recommend to others. This custom care kit also conveniently fits in any bag, and it will quickly become a necessary component of any sunny trip. Imagine your brand at campsites, beaches, parks, and vacation getaways everywhere!

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 12.51.04 PM

Retracto Personal Custom Fan

When customers are enjoying an outdoor event, whether it’s a picnic or a baseball game, this personal custom fan will be the ideal way to enjoy a nice blast of cool air without disturbing others. Available in patriotic colors — red, white, and blue — this custom fan also retracts when not in use for easy storage, and it also has a rotating swivel head. Get your logo custom printed onto the base of this custom fan, and you can make building brand awareness a breeze – literally! You will soon be well on your way to having your name seen at stadiums, parks, and well beyond with minimal effort.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 12.51.43 PM

Custom promotional sunny essentials will help your brand shine brightly amongst the horde of competitors, and they’ll give customers a glimpse into your brand personality.

These promotional items can help your customers make the most of their outdoor experience, rather than worrying about over exposure from the sun or the heat. If customers can plainly see the benefits from using your promotional products, they’ll be motivated to share your message with others and will help you build a loyal following.

If you incorporate these unique promotional products into your marketing strategy, your brand forecast is surely clear, cool, and vibrant.


loyalty white blue

Brand Building: How to Boost Brand Loyalty with Promotional Products

Attracting a potential lead and then turning that lead into an actual customer is the essence of all marketing efforts. And in order to be successful and generate momentum for your brand, you then need to convert that first-time customer into a loyal one.

The more loyal your customers are, the more they’ll be willing to start a conversation about your business with other potential customers. Building a steady fan-base also helps you develop a strong and positive reputation within your industry, which can help to determine you as a trusted thought leader and influencer.

According to a recent study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute, “more than one-third of recipients are more likely to do business with an advertiser after receiving their promotional product.”

With custom promotional merchandise, you have the potential to reach even more clients and customers at little cost to you. Here are some ways you can boost brand loyalty with the power of custom promotional merchandise.

Know Your Audience

In order for you to grow your brand loyalty, you should understand who your current customers are. And not just WHO they are, but WHAT they are – in terms of their needs, their wants, and what drives them to choose you over a competitor. If you focus your time on collecting this type of audience information, you can easily build a large following that is loyal to you and your business.  Once you have a good grip on who your target audience is, you can seal the deal by presenting them with custom promotional products that appeal to their specific lifestyle. For example, promotional tumblers are perfect for customers who are always on the go, so providing these customers with a convenient custom tumbler can easily boost your brand loyalty and appreciation. When customers have your custom products, which they actually find useful in their everyday lives, they will be motivated to continue supporting your business AND share that value with others.

Item# 1622-97 - 16oz Cyclone Tumbler

Item# 1622-97 – 16oz Cyclone Tumbler

Be Memorable

Promotional products give your business the opportunity to share your unique point of view with customers, as well as inject some personality into your brand. They also allow your business to be viewed more as a friend and less as a corporation, which is the fastest and most efficient way of scoring big within the hearts of your audience. Your customers will remember having a positive experience with your business, and surprising them with well-branded, yet practical products will inspire them to pursue further communication with your brand. Custom power banks and chargers are some of the most efficient promotional products you can provide, because they allow your customers to charge their smartphones and tablets essentially anywhere at any time. For the most part, customers will become loyal to your brand if they are extremely satisfied with the quality of your products and services, which is why it’s important to make your brand distinctive and memorable.  

Item#: 7120-15 - Jolt Mobile Phone Charger

Item#: 7120-15 – Jolt Mobile Phone Charger

Continue the Conversation 

When customers provide you with input regarding your company’s products and/or services, you can show your appreciation by offering them complimentary custom promotional gifts. This tells customers that you do, in fact, value their opinions and feedback. If you do so promptly, customers will have the incentive to express their satisfaction by sharing your brand message with their colleagues – perhaps via a platform like social media – thereby increasing brand awareness and attracting even more customers. If the customer feels appreciated by your business, then that individual will become a repeat buyer. Custom keychains are perfect appreciation giveaway items because they’re cost-effective and efficient, as well as a guaranteed way of getting your logo into the everyday lives of your customers.

Item#: PL-4319 - Round Promotional Flashlight Keychain

Item#: PL-4319 – Round Promotional Flashlight Keychain

By discovering what makes your brand click with customers, what gives your brand a memorable personality, and what engages customers in a welcoming manner, you can effectively use custom promotional merchandise to build brand awareness and loyalty.

With high-quality products, services, and respect for customers, sharing promotional merchandise will give your marketing efforts a little extra push toward building an excellent reputation for your brand.



Made in the USA: Promotional Products for the Patriot in us all

With Memorial Day and the Fourth of July right around the corner, there’s no better time to show your appreciation for our nation.

Custom promotional products made right here in the USA can help you put this into practice, and as an added bonus, they can also advertise your brand and business.

Perfect for USA-themed company parties, picnics, events and more, patriotic promotional items showcase your pride for our wonderful nation and give the impression to your audience that you’re an all-American brand.

Whether you need patriotic promotional products for health and wellness, food and beverage or other types of industries, we’ve got just what you need to show your support for the U.S. economy and our local businesses.

Here is just a sampling of promotional products that were made right here in the good ole’ USA and are sure to excite the patriot inside us all!

Made in the USA – Health & Wellness: Portion Plate

When your customers are trying to watch their weight, portion control is key. Rather than going on an overly-strict diet that most people have trouble sticking to, it’s much easier and more manageable to simply reduce food portions. If you want to improve the lives of your customers and gain brand exposure at the same time, provide them with this promotional item that’s health-consious AND proudly made in the USA. The durable, dishwasher-safe portion plate contains three compartments created for the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, grains and starches, and meats and proteins – respectively. And with your logo custom printed across the plate itself, you can promote healthy eating and reinforce your company message, ensuring your customers will build confidence in both themselves AND in your brand.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.37.21 AM

Made in the USA – Food & Beverage: Promotional Party Starter

Planning the perfect party can be a tedious endeavor, especially since everything from the decorations to the food has to be memorable and impressionable. Regardless of where the party’s taking place, this unique promotional product will help your customers make the right impression on their guests, all while you make the right impression on your customers. Packed with cheeses, crackers, nuts, and sausage, as well as a cheese knife and a bamboo cutting board, this platter comes equipped with snacks for everyone! The cutting board can easily be custom printed with your logo, which ensures that your brand is front and center. Not only is this our best-selling cheese package, but it’s also created, packaged and sold right here in the United States. Promotional cheese plate + USA = awesome marketing.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.38.00 AM

Made in the USA – Travel & Leisure: Redi Travel Aid Kit

Perfect for air travel or road trips, your customers will be at ease when they have this kit in their bags. With your logo custom printed on the front cover and an assortment of incredibly helpful items inside, this promotional item not only nurtures brand awareness, but it also positively impacts your customer’s perception of your brand. This kit comes equipped with bandages, a sewing kit, towelettes, antacids, ibuprofen, and an adhesive pad, which makes it the perfect emergency kit for any and all situations. Set your customers off on a safe journey with your brand by their side with the Redi Travel Aid Kit – made right here in the USA.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.38.45 AM

Custom promotional products made in the United States are a subtle way to show your patriotism and define your brand image at the same time.

Whether customers are on the road or at the dining table, these promotional products ensure that your brand is always right in front of them, which fosters brand recognition and awareness.

Get your logo custom printed onto patriotic promotional products from Pinnacle Promotions and start making an all-American brand impression that won’t soon be forgotten!



Promotional Corporate Gifts: Cheap Ideas That Don’t Look Cheap

When it comes to making an impression in a professional, yet attention-grabbing manner, sometimes a simple business card just won’t cut it.

But at the same time, we understand that custom marketing materials tend to get pricey, and we know you don’t want to bust your budget.

In order to make those meaningful connections without draining your marketing dollars, you can swap out the traditional (and boring) business cards with fun, efficient and cost-effective promotional corporate gifts.

With these custom gifts added to your marketing tool kit, you don’t have to stress over whether or not you can conduct mass outreach within your limited budget.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite affordable corporate gifts that are sure to provide you with some much-needed brand exposure without breaking the bank:

Courbure 4”x6” Photo Frame

This modern custom picture frame is a great choice for your corporate giveaways because it allows you to provide your audience with a way to reminisce on their very own special moments – all while being reminded of your logo and your brand. Far from being a commonplace picture frame, the contemporary, curved design of this custom frame charms viewers and stands out amongst other plainly-shaped frames. Custom branded picture frames are a tangible way to generate repeated exposure for your brand, as well as provide a unique and memorable gift to your customers who matter the most. In this way, these frames act as cost-effective and powerful marketing tools that are sure to provide you with some serious return on investment!

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.24.11 AM

Brookstone Compact Roadside Kit

Help your clients stay safe on the road and remember your brand at the same time with this custom-printed roadside kit. This custom kit properly equips your clients for travel with a pen, a flashlight, batteries, a tire pressure gauge, a paper pad, and storage pockets – ALL of which can be imprinted with your company logo. Considering its practical use and how advantageous it is to the client or consumer, having your branding printed on these items reinforces both your brand value and your brand image. Once you think about the expectations of your consumers and the types of promotional items that they will use continuously, the custom compact roadside kit is definitely a strong choice for both your marketing efforts AND your budget.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.25.02 AM

Canne Mobile Phone Holder Corporate Gift

Sometimes it can be unnerving living in a technology-centric world, especially when you happen to misplace your cell phone. This is a problem that’s constantly tormenting your clients, but there is a simple remedy – your brand! This custom mobile phone holder is a safe and convenient way to keep your cell phone in one place, eliminating the frustration that comes with the “where’s my phone” panic. The custom mobile phone holder is also an excellent way to tap into the large and ever-growing market of mobile phone users, ensuring that your brand reaches a multitude of audiences in a short amount of time. Get your hands on this cost-effective promotional item and start getting some major bang for your buck (and your brand)!

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.25.36 AM

Enhancing your marketing campaigns with promotional corporate gifts is an unconventional way to reach out and show your appreciation for your customers. And at the same time, these custom gifts can propel your brand into the limelight with little cost to you and your business.

Generate long-term visibility by providing your audience with custom corporate gifts that they’ll use time and time again!



Custom Reusable Grocery Bags: Why You Should Build an Eco-Friendly Brand

How many brands have you come into contact with today? Do you even know? More likely than not, you’ve interacted with hundreds of brands today without even realizing it.

Branding is all around us – from the choice of toothpaste that you brush your teeth with to the brand of cereal that you eat for breakfast. It’s a part of our everyday lives.

However, research by Havas Media Group suggests that “consumers would not care less if 73% of brands were wiped off the face of the earth, and that only a fifth of brands notably improve people’s quality of life.”

Have you ever considered how brands play a role in YOUR daily life?

“In an age of transparency and empowerment, brands are not meeting people’s requirements,” said Amy du Pon, head of strategic planning at Havas Media Group. “People expect large companies to be involved in social problems and their quality of life, but companies are not delivering on this new social contract.”

With that being said, it’s now more important than ever for your business to take extra steps to align your brand with the expectations of customers. And at the same time, brands should look beyond their own personal agenda.

Instead of simply trying to improve the perception of your brand by telling customers that “going green” is good, you can show your audience that you’re serious about their well-being by launching eco-friendly campaigns aimed at improving our world.

Building an eco-friendly brand in the right way can prove to be a useful business strategy, as well as a quick and easy way to win over the hearts of your audience.

Here are a few ways that eco-friendly promotional products like custom reusable grocery bags can not only help to grow your business, but can also build your reputation as a brand that cares.

A Way to Engage Consumers

When someone carries your custom reusable grocery tote with them to the store, they’ll not only be getting more eyes on your brand, but they’ll also be shrinking their environmental footprint. As a business, you should emphasize to customers that you are only a small part of the solution, and that it is up to them to continue good environmental practices. In these ways, developing an eco-friendly brand is a good gateway to customer engagement. You can develop a valuable, ongoing conversation and relationship with the customer, all while establishing a shared passion for bettering the environment.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.51.19 AM

Item#: LT-3735 – Two-Tone Metro Enviro-Shopper Custom Bag


A Way to Focus on What Makes Your Brand Unique

In a sea of brands that are trying to promote “sustainability,” how do you stand out? Rather than focusing exclusively on an eco-friendly message, bring the unique differentiators that set you apart from your competition to the forefront, and then bolster that message with the eco-friendly one. With the different printing options available with custom reusable grocery bags, you can add that extra bit of personalization that will make a difference and push customers to choose your brand. This gives you the chance to tell your brand story, as well as highlight the environmental values that your brand upholds and represents.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.52.21 AM

Item#: 39PS1313: Abe Celebration Non Woven Bag


A Way to Advertise Without the Waste

While marketing is absolutely required for a business to grow and be successful, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of wasteful fliers, packages, brochures, etc. This is where your brand can benefit from going green and taking advantage of eco-friendly products. Custom reusable grocery bags allow you to market not just exclusively to your target audience, but also well beyond – and without negatively affecting the environment with wasteful litter. Customers can have your branded grocery bag with them on each and every shopping excursion, which guarantees brand exposure and helps establish you as an eco-friendly business.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.52.49 AM

Item#: 3392 – Non-Woven Grande Tote Bag


Building an eco-friendly brand can help to boost your business, and it reminds customers of your value, as well as your commitment to improving their lives and the environment.

Reinforcing this message to your customers will inherently provide them with the motivation to continually support and advocate your brand and business.

Custom reusable grocery bags are just one of the eco-friendly products we provide here at Pinnacle Promotions, and we’re proud to provide promotional products that make a difference!

If you’d like to learn more, be sure to check out this post about BPA-free water bottles to see how they can also help to improve the overall well-being of your audience!


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