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Product Pick of the Week: Conversation Hearts

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Valentine’s Day? Flowers? Chocolates? Dinner reservations?

In my mind, nothing says Valentine’s Day like a conversation heart. This classic custom candy has been around for as long as I can remember and always seems to find a way into my hands come February.

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Product Pick of the Week: Happy New Years Postcard with Magnetic Calendar

2012 is mere days away, and the new year presents a slew of new marketing opportunities. Magnetic calendars, in particular, are one of the most cost-efficient and effective products on the market to ensure that your brand maintains top of mind recall among your target audience throughout the year.

The Happy New Years Postcard with Magnetic Calendar is one unique way to send warm wishes to clients, while also securing prime real estate on their bulletin board or fridge (in the break room or even at home!).

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Why Stress About Cyber Monday? Pinnacle’s Seasonal Steals Are Here to Stay!

Shop Seasonal Steals at Pinnacle PromotionsAccording to PriceGrabber, 39% of consumers plan to shop today’s Cyber Monday sales- 37% more than in 2010! Of those savvy shoppers, 92% plan to shop on Cyber Monday because it offers the most one-day deals and free shipping offers.

Among the benefits of shopping online for holiday gifts, the top reasons provided by survey respondents* spanned:
-Getting the best prices and deals (64%)
-Having the convenience of shopping from home (57%)
-Avoiding crowds (47%)
-Researching and finding the best gifts (36%)
-Accessing better inventory and selection (32%)
-Saving money on gas (16%)

This year, Pinnacle isn’t limiting our best online deals to a single day- we’re offering our customers the chance to shop online for inexpensive corporate holiday gifts all season long! Our “Seasonal Steals” category features impressive gift items, ranging from Gifts Under $5 to Gifts Under $50… fantastic options for employees, customers, and end users of all interests and demographics.
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Combat Holiday Unhealthiness with Promotional Pedometers & Fitness Accessories

Endor Trail Greenway
Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: Donald Lee Pardue

In a report issued on Monday by the International Diabetes Federation, the group estimated that 552 million people may have diabetes by 2030. Today, about one adult in 13 has some form of diabetes. Head of the World Health Organization’s diabetes unit, Gojka Roglic, states that a significant portion of future diabetes cases are preventable, as most cases of the disease are Type 2, which predominantly hits middle-aged people and is associated with weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle.

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, most Americans probably gain about a pound- certainly not cause for alarm. However, most people fail to get rid of that extra pound during the next calendar year, and wind up adding another one to it the following year.

Finding the time to exercise during the busy holiday season is easier said than done, so why not provide your clients and/or employees with compact, travel-friendly workout equipment like promotional pedometers or exercise bands to help them maintain their fitness regimens on the go? For amazing, “stay-healthy” promotional products that double as fantastic holiday gifts, keep reading…

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Corporate Holiday Gifts: Create A Smorgasbord for the Senses

Happy Holidays '10
Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: pacmikey

An article published on last week, “How Cinnamon Smells Will Save Holiday Sales,” discusses techniques for marketers to leverage the five senses to boost holiday sales this season. While the article is geared toward brick-and-mortar stores, the recommendations can be carried over into businesses hosted online, as well as service providers, with some slight adjustments. In particular, the advice given by author Eric Markowitz can enhance corporate holiday gifts and lead to more memorable, meaningful brand associations among your target audience.

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Happy Halloween from Pinnacle Promotions!

Here at Pinnacle, Halloween 2011 is off to a spook-tacular start! Hourly trivia questions, a game to guess how many pieces of candy were in a jar, and the consumption of enough Halloween sweets to make any dentist cringe all led up to our annual company costume contest this afternoon.

To say that our employees were creative with their costume choices this year would be an understatement- “Charlie’s Angels,” “Pinnacle Promotions Man,” “Spongebob Squarepants,” Steve Jobs, Erin Andrews, and a real-life pop art cartoon character were just a few of the characters in our midst and everyone had a tough time deciding which costumes they liked best. In the end, pop art cartoon woman, Allie, took first place for the second year in a row (visit our Facebook page to see her bacon outfit from 2010!) and Erin Andrews (aka Ashley W.) was our runner-up.

Want to see more photos from Pinnacle’s Halloween festivities? Pictures will be posted to Facebook shortly, so stay tuned.

Did your company celebrate Halloween this year? We’d love to see photos! Please feel free to share with us on our Facebook wall.

We hope that you and your loved ones have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Promotional Kitchen Utensils: A Sweet Treat for Fall Holidays

There’s no denying it. Halloween means candies and cookies and cakes. Oh my! But it’s not just Halloween that necessitates our need for sweets during the fall. I can’t speak for everyone, but as the weather starts to turn cooler, I look forward to pumpkin and pecan pies at Thanksgiving dinner and candy canes and other treats during the winter holidays. With so many “sweet” holidays coming up in the next few months, now is the perfect time to distribute promotional kitchen utensils.

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Stay Flu-Free + Fashionable: Stylish New Promotional Hand Sanitizers Are Here!

wash 'em if you got 'em
Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: woodleywonderworks

Whether you chalk the sneezing and sniffling observed in public lately up to allergies or the flu, there is no question that the changing weather conditions are starting to take a toll on Americans’ health.

In Atlanta, the CDC recently opened a new exhibit in hopes of encouraging healthy habits for flu prevention. The exhibit, which runs through January 13, focuses on hand washing and features artwork by six different artists. Admission is free to the public.

From offering flu shots to your employees to distributing promotional hand sanitizers, there are many ways for your business to heed the CDC’s important message and jump on the hygiene bandwagon this season.

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Corporate Holiday Gifts: Shop Early this Year

‘Tis the season!

To start thinking about holiday gifts, that is. While the weather is still warm and balmy here in Georgia, the official start of fall means that the holiday season is only a few months away. This year, you don’t need to wait until the last minute to start thinking about corporate holiday gifts for clients and employees. In fact, we’re already in holiday mode here at Pinnacle. Although we haven’t broken out the decorations quite yet, we have started thinking about new and unique ways to recognize your valued business relationships this year. Some of the top trends for this year are:
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Product Pick of the Week: Seasonal Products for Halloween and Fall

It’s officially fall and (thankfully!) the weather is starting to get cooler. I’ve noticed a few of the fabulous fall colors starting to show in the trees, and I can definitely feel the beginnings of fall in the air. As corn mazes and fall festivals begin to pop up our Weekend Guide and personal calendars, I can’t help but think about all the fun that comes with the change in the season.

I personally have to admit I’m in love with Autumn. It’s by far my favorite time of the year here. The colors and cool breeze are the best. And without going into too much detail about my craziness, I’m a hugely big sucker for Halloween. I love the costumes, the decorations and of course the cute little goblins and ghouls. I guess it doesn’t hurt that there is always an abundance of candy left over after the 31st as well!

My family has always gone all out for the occasion so I guess it comes with the territory that I would try to incorporate the festivities into my marketing efforts as well. Of course for me, my Halloween planning starts with finding perfect seasonal products to fit within my marketing mix.

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