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Track Your Steps Toward Making a Difference With Promotional Pedometers

promotional pedometersThis spring, the weekends in Atlanta have been full of various philanthropic and community fundraising races and walk-a-thons. Every week I come across another advertisement for the next big race, so when my neighborhood began advertising for our own local 5k fundraiser for our area elementary schools, I figured it was time for me to join in on the experience and make a difference.

Many individuals and companies continuously support and participate in these fundraising events, so as I signed up for my 5k, I thought wouldn’t it be interesting to track how many steps frequent participants take in their efforts to support these great causes? As I pondered more about this revelation, I came to the conclusion of promotional pedometers!

How neat would it be to say that I have taken one hundred thousand-something steps for a great cause? If sponsors or registration sites were to include promotional pedometers in their registration costs, everyone could track their “steps toward success.” Additionally, these promotional pedometers could potentially inspire participants to become proactive about their health. Continue reading →

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Protect Festivalgoers from the Elements with Promotional Umbrellas

promotional umbrellas

When the weather warms up and the flowers and trees begin to bloom, Atlantans know that we can count on having a handful of festivals to choose from every weekend. From Inman Park to Alpharetta, Decatur to Downtown, it seems that every neighborhood has its own signature celebration that draws thousands of people to a single park, street, or city block every year.

While themes of the area’s festivals vary widely – holidays, food items, and local flora & fauna all take a turn in the spotlight – they do have a number of things in common: they provide locals and out-of-towners alike with the opportunity to come together over a common subject to enjoy and benefit the host community. Providing festivalgoers with a place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the event is a duty that all festival committees share, and one that is particularly important during the hot, sunny Saturdays that characterize an Atlanta summer. Setting up tables topped with promotional umbrellas is a great way to make sure that attendees stick around and enjoy themselves.

Trees, tents, and promotional umbrellas can all provide some much-appreciated relief from sunshine (and rain) within festival grounds, allowing visitors to take a break without having to miss any sights and sounds – at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival’s Beer Garden, pictured above, festivalgoers could enjoy their food and drinks underneath Corona Light promotional umbrellas near the event’s main stage.

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Promotion Gifts: Help Celebrate in Royal Style

The Royal Family and Anglophiles alike are gearing up for the April 29th nuptials of Prince William to his soon-to-be princess Kate Middleton.  Invitations have been issued and the final details are falling in to place for the approximate 1,900 guests who will attend the ceremony at Westminster Abbey.  And, although schools will be closed and UK residents are taking the day off (thanks to it being a government designated public holiday) worldwide preparation has been ongoing since the couple announced their engagement on November 16th, 2010.

With just under two weeks left before the matrimonial union of William and Kate take place, you would be hard pressed to find a company who isn’t in on the wedding frenzied action, and creating  various promotion gifts. Jewelers, cell phone manufacturers, and even Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins, have been wracking their brains to come up with innovative ways to remain up to speed with the latest promotion gifts to help commemorate the ostentatious affair.

Since early April, Baskin-Robbins has been offering a chocolate mousse royale ice cream cake, which executive chef, Stan Frankenthaler, says is meant to be reminiscent of a traditional English rose garden. The cake’s flavor is intended as a reminder of Prince William’s affinity for chocolate while the white and sapphire flowers are used to serve as a tribute to Kate’s engagement ring, which previously belonged to the late Princess Diana.

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LinkedIn Engages in Mobile Marketing With Promotional Automotive Items

They may not be as eye-catching as the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, but LinkedIn is now engaging in mobile marketing, too, (mobile in the traditional sense of the word, as in utilizing motor vehicles) with promotional automotive items and the introduction of the LinkedIn Today coffee trucks. The trucks started riding around the streets of New York and San Francisco this past Monday morning offering free, locally-brewed coffee and “hot news” to those who stop by. This is all part of a marketing campaign to promote LinkedIn Today, the social networking site’s new personalized news product for business professionals.mariosundar

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Pinnacle Contributes Promotional Products to Action Cycling Atlanta

Going on nine years, Action Cycling Atlanta has been the producer of AIDS Vaccine 200, a 2-day, 200-mile cycling event that benefits AIDS vaccine research at Emory Vaccine Center.

As a dedicated promotional products supplier for Emory University, Pinnacle Promotions was eager to support and promote Emory Vaccine Center’s efforts to develop a vaccine for HIV/ AIDS. We were presented with the opportunity to do so in February when Emory hosted Spin to End, Action Cycling Atlanta’s indoor cycling fundraiser to benefit the AIDS Vaccine 200 event in May. The Pinnacle team contributed custom-designed promotional products for the event, including t-shirts, carabiners, and whistles. Continue reading →

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Take a Tip From the Girl Scouts – Use Promotional Food Items

Ah, the springtime. As the season approaches, people all across the United States look forward to warmer weather, baseball season, spring break vacations, and, of course, the delivery of those coveted boxes of Girl Scout cookies. The Girl Scouts of the USA have been selling cookies since 1917 to raise funds for their organization, and each year since, the anticipation for their arrival increases. Considering America’s adoration for all things edible, it’s not surprising that such promotional food items are successful in garnering funding, and advertising, for a group such as the Girl Scouts.

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Awareness Promotional Products for Girl Scouts: Get Your Cookies Now!

Girl Scout Cookies as Awareness Promotional ProductsEvery year, Americans of all ages look forward to Girl Scout Cookie Time, when young girls take the country by storm selling tantalizing treats in well-known flavors. From Thin Mints to Tagalongs, Girl Scouts develop their selling tactics year after year, and camp out on neighborhood sidewalks, in front of grocery stores, and at their parents’ offices hoping to make a sale. The limited-time offer means that the cookies are always hot commodities. Part of the costs from the sale of each box are given to the Scout’s local troop, while the remaining money helps to fund summer camps, training and adult volunteers. But what exactly is Girl Scouts of the USA and why should you feel good about your decision to invest in awareness promotional products like tasty cookies? Keep reading for fun facts that you can “sink your teeth into”…

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Acrylic Awards for Festivals and More

One of the best parts about living in Atlanta is attending the various festivals that take place from April until December. It seems like there is literally one or more festivals every weekend during those months; from neighborhood associations’ tours of homes and chili cook offs to art shows and beer tastings, there is always a fun way to spend time outdoors. While musical performances are a must for every festival, I think that it is the competitions that draw the biggest crowd. In fact, Battle of the Burgers and the Chomp N Stomp Chili Cook Off are two of the most beloved neighborhood festivities. Attendees buy tickets and walk around to the different booths, tasting the goodies before voting on who should win the “People’s Choice Best of Atlanta” designation. At the end of the day, the winning chefs are rewarded with sophisticated acrylic awards for their hard work. When displayed in the chefs’ restaurants, these acrylic awards provide a sense of pride for the winner, a form of advertisement for the festival organizers, and a feeling of camaraderie for the entire neighborhood.

Keep reading for upcoming festivals in Atlanta:

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Promotional Gambling Products & Bunco: From Speakeasies to the Suburbs

Sick of board games? Tired of Bingo? Well, say hello to Bunco, a dice game invented in 18th-century England. While Bunco was a popular gambling game during the 1920s and Prohibition era, it has now evolved into a social dice game where players typically compete for door prizes instead of money. Although promotional gambling products are commonly incorporated into casino night fundraisers or galas, Bunco is a more family-friendly option that does not require any skill or practice, thus appealing to a broader audience. To learn the rules of Bunco and find out how starting a Bunco league can benefit your brand, keep reading…

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Promotional Apparel and More at CuervoGames Atlanta

After writing about CuervoGames Atlanta for last week’s weekend guide, there was no way I was going to miss this awesome event. Teams of four spent the afternoon climbing a rock wall while water poured down on them at a rate of 8 gallons a second, collecting ‘agave leaves’ while suspended 30 feet in the air, and mixing up boozy concoctions with an impressive variety of Jose Cuervo tequila. Entry was free (but limited to the first 20 teams to show up) and team members received matching custom tees emblazoned with the CuervoGames logo, which made it easy for them to keep track of one another even during the Barrel Roll. Event staff and the Cuervo Girls were also outfitted in a variety of tequila-themed promotional apparel for the event.

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