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3 Steps to a Successful Corporate Apparel Program

3 Steps to a Successful Corporate Apparel Program

Corporate Apparel Programs help coordinate your team and reinforce your brand.

It’s just a fact. Most jobs require clothing.

Chances are, your employees aren't running around naked...right?
So if they are wearing clothes, they might as well be wearing custom shirts, promotional jackets, and branded hats with your company's logo on them.

And if you're going to get custom corporate apparel for your employees, it's a good idea to keep it all on-brand. This is more than just getting the same custom polo for everybody. If you're looking to outfit teams, especially larger teams, and definitely distributed teams, a corporate apparel program is a great way to coordinate your team and reinforce your brand.

What's a corporate apparel program?

Also called a uniform program or professional dress program, a corporate apparel program is an initiative to coordinate the selection, production, and administration of branded apparel for an organization, designed to keep you in control.

Some examples:

Let's say you run a quick-serve restaurant, and need to get shirts and visors and aprons for all of your people at each of your 14 locations. You need to get them all shipped in the same one-week window and want to make sure that embroidery is consistent across the board. This is a complicated process with lots of spinning plates; you would benefit from an apparel program.

Or, let's say you're an HR professional at a 200-person tech company, and you're responsible for outfitting new hires with polos and dress shirts branded with your logo. You potentially could handle this yourself, but it would take you away from doing the parts of your job you enjoy more (we get it...buying promotional apparel can be less than fun); you would definitely benefit from an apparel program.

So how do corporate apparel programs work?

Corporate apparel programs consist of three parts: Selection, Production, & Administration. Basically, Pick it, Make it, and Control it.

Let's start with Selection:


There are hundreds of different available apparel pieces across dozens of categories from dozens of different how do you know what to choose? That all depends on your budget, your brand, and, often, your industry.

For a corporate environment, embroidered dress shirts are always a great choice, logoed jackets and custom sweaters make a statement, and casual fridays – but not too casual – are made for branded polos.

If you're looking to step up your Casual Friday game (by dressing down), custom t-shirts and corporate branded hats are super-popular.

Medical companies can offer custom scrubs or anti-microbial dress shirts & embroidered polos.

Even industrial and manufacturing companies can use logoed shirts, branded coveralls, safety gear, and imprinted hard hats to encourage pride and boost brand visibility.

For all of these apparel types, you can find budget-friendly choices as well as well-known name-brand pieces from Ogio, Nike, Eddie Bauer, Under Armour, Roots, and plenty more.

But do you know what to choose? Merchandise Experts can help you narrow it down to just the pieces that work for your budget & your brand. You can customize the choices by role, by department, by location, by second letter of middle name...whatever works...

Working with an expert can take a lot of the guesswork and headache out of the's like having a personal shopper for your brand. (Actually, it’s not “like” - it IS a personal shopper for your brand!)


Once you've picked the appropriate apparel pieces, it's time to get them produced. Embroidery, screenprinting, heat transfer, laser etching...there are many ways to get your logo on the apparel items you've selected, and having a partner with expertise in all of those methods will help keep the apparel items all coordinated and adhering to your brand standards.

Do you want to keep inventory?
Do you want your production partner to keep the inventory?
Do you not want any inventory at all and just drop-ship everything?
It's completely up to you!

Proper management of production and warehousing is extremely important to creating an effective apparel program. In fact, it's one of the main headaches you'd have to deal with, so it's one of the main reasons you partner with someone to run your program.

From short-run department initiatives to bulk production for thousands of employees, having a partner with the ability and agility to handle it all will allow you to be much more efficient.


Here's where it gets really good. You've Selected the apparel items for your program, and determined the Production logistics; now, it's time to see what a fully-realized apparel program can do for your organization.

Organize group buys within departments, locations, or company-wide to consolidate spend and improve efficiency.

Set up levels of manager approval to control your spend and to keep Bob in Accounting from blowing your department budget on his fourth embroidered dress shirt. (It happens...)

Generate reports based on inventory levels, department or location spend, or shipping costs, just to name a few.

And to make it even easier, have a custom-branded online portal developed to let everyone purchase on their own. Implement those manager approval rules, set up those group buys, show what you want to whom you want – if you don't want Bob in Accounting to see those dress shirts, Bob in Accounting won't see those dress shirts.

Add your choice of customization options: order histories, shipping locations, flexible payment options, punch-out from ERP installs...the menu is extensive.

Administration is the keystone of your apparel program. The easier it is to administer, the more effective your program will be, and the more pats on the back you'll get from the boss.

Implementing your program

There are thousands of t-shirt shops, embroiderers, screenprinters, airbrush stands, and average promotional products companies who can get your logo on some shirts and call it a day. But your organization's not average, is it?

Of course not.
You're professionals. And so are we.

Step 1 to implementing your organization's apparel program: Call Pinnacle.
Step 2: Relax and get back to what you do best: your job.
Step 3: Repeat step 2.

We've created apparel programs for banks, tech companies, and healthcare providers. We've worked with some of the best known brands in the world. We have the experience, know-how, and moxie to put together the right program to suit your specific needs.

We have the tech expertise to build custom portals, the merchandise expertise to find the best custom apparel pieces that match your brand, and the e-commerce expertise to create the best shopping experience for your employees.

So if you're looking to coordinate your team and reinforce your brand, you can't go wrong with a corporate apparel program. And if you're looking for a corporate apparel program, you can't go wrong with Pinnacle.

Give us a call, and talk to one of our Merchandise Experts, and we'll help you figure out the perfect way to Make the right impression.


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Employee Welcome Kits: 5 Proven Ideas

Employee Welcome Kits: 5 Proven Ideas


We've gotten so much positive feedback from this post that we decided to make a video about it! It goes through the 5 Proven Ideas for making your employees feel welcome, and comes with a catchy music bed background for no additional charge. Check it out below, and then read the rest of the post after that!


After spending considerable time and effort searching for, finding, and recruiting the perfect employees, you've finally got 'em!
They're here.
Today is their first day.

So how are YOU going to make your new employees feel welcome?

In this post, we'll show you 5 proven ideas for making your new employees feel welcome with branded new-hire kits, including a way to take work off of your plate AND make you look like a hero at the same time.

If you're a human resources professional, one of your biggest challenges is employee engagement and retention. We get it. The longer your people are with your company, the more comfortable they are, the better they do their jobs, and the more valuable they become to your organization. We know that losing employees is expensive; some studies suggest that replacing employees can cost up to two times their salary.

So how do we keep our best people?

Top experts in human resource management have identified the most important factors influencing employee retention. These include:

  • Job fit
  • Development opportunities
  • Pay fairness
  • Relationship with manager
  • Trust in the company

There are many online resources that explain the ins and outs of each of these factors – there are entire websites dedicated to determining pay fairness – so we're going to focus on the last one: Trust in the company.

Trust is an interesting, nebulous, emotional concept that's very hard to quantify. How do you measure trust? With what units and with what instrument do you measure it? While the Trust-O-Meter 3000 may not be a thing, there actually are ways to gauge the effect of trust in an organization. The Harvard Business Review describes the relationship between trust and two vital outcomes: speed and cost. In a low-trust environment, speed goes down and cost goes up (bad for business); inversely, in a high-trust environment, speed goes up while cost goes down (great for business!). Like those Harvard smarty-pants say, developing trust is "truly a hard, economic driver for every organization."

So how do you generate trust in your company?

It's a legitimate question. The answer, at its most basic is: Say What You're Going To Do And Do What You Said You Would Do. Great idea, but that’s oversimplifying things a bit. Trust is a natural by-product of affinity, that sense of kinship and connection you can create among your employees and with your customers. A highly-effective way to create that affinity right from Day One is with a New-Hire Welcome Kit. By presenting your employees with company-branded merchandise on their first day, you're immediately creating a connection between your employees and the company. You're building trust right from the start.

(Cue the collective "Oh, so that's why a promotional products company is talking about retention and it...")

Small businesses and large organizations alike can see immediate benefit from making a welcome kit part of the employee onboarding process. Don't worry, it doesn't take a big budget to make someone feel lucky to have joined your team. Everybody loves gifts, so even the simplest of nicely-packaged coordinated items can make a huge impression.

Put a branded coffee mug, a custom mouse pad, and two different promotional pens in a nice box or a bag, drop a handwritten Welcome note in there, have it waiting on their desks and Boom!...quick and easy onboarding kit with an impact that far exceeds its low cost.

Pro tip: Use some ribbon or cellophane or raffia to put it all together. Presentation counts.

So that's a great start. Now, let's dig deeper.

5 proven ideas for making your new employees feel welcome.

Proven idea #1: Make it fun!

Practical is one thing, but building affinity – and ultimately, trust – with your employees involves emotion. Make 'em smile. Put some fun in their welcome kits. Glitter-infused promotional tumblers, boombox-style custom bluetooth speakers, customized half-footballs that bounce back to you...all really cool items to bring some fun to a new-hire kit.

Is anyone a music fan? How about giving them a custom branded guitar? Really. You can do that. No, it's not a budget item, but for the right about WOW Factor!

Great ideas for Fun Employee Welcome Kits:

Proven idea #2: Don't forget utility

Swag is nice, but if you can include items that actually help them do their jobs...even better. If you're in an office environment, filling the onboarding kit with a branded desk organizer, custom sticky note cube, and a customized journal notebook helps get your new people up and running quickly.

For retail, a customized name badge with custom-printed lanyard and a branded jotter will do the trick. For industrial or warehouse businesses, custom hard hats, branded clipboards, and even safety vests with your logo will keep everyone looking professional.

Great ideas for Functional New-Hire Kits:

Proven idea #3: Add apparel to the mix

If you can get your employees to wear your logo out and about, you're all winning. From a simple embroidered polo in company colors to crisp custom dress shirts to upscale branded sweaters and customized jackets, there's no better way to give your new employees a sense of belonging than by letting them literally wear your brand.

Extra bonus: Giving good quality apparel makes your employees actually want to wear your logo around, providing even more brand impressions.

Great ideas for a Fashionable Employee Welcome Kit:

Proven idea #4: Focus on your industry

The three proven ideas above apply to almost any business, any organization. But you can create an even greater connection if you customize your new-hire kit items to your industry:

  • Tech company? Add some custom earbuds or power banks to your kit.
  • Healthcare? Scrubs, clipboards, or goofy doctor pens: check!

Focus on your industry and give your employees something they're proud to share with family and friends.

Great ideas for putting an industry focus on New-Hire Kits:

Proven idea #5: Take work off of your plate AND look like a hero at the same time.

This all seems great...but it also seems like a lot of work. We get it. Figuring out the budget, deciding what products fit that budget, ordering, unpacking, kitting, organizing who gets what's a lot. So here's the proven-est idea of all: call Pinnacle.


We've got merchandise experts to help you find the perfect products for the kit, ordering experts to help organize the purchasing, and account managers to help you keep it all straight. We can even create custom boxes to put it all together for you. Fewer worries, more pats on the back. It's a win-win….win.

To take it a step further, talk to us about automating your custom onboarding kits; give us a list of people, your budget, and your logo, and we'll handle the rest – even kitting, packing, and shipping! It’s much easier and more efficient for you and ensures consistency across the organization.

So, let's sum up.

Whether you call them new-hire kits, onboarding kits, or welcome kits, they're an effective first step toward building affinity and trust with your new employees, which, assuming you have all the other factors in place, will help keep your people around a long while.

And here are our favorite proven ideas for making your welcome kits a success:
#1: Make it fun
#2: Make it useful
#3: Upgrade and add apparel
#4: Focus on your industry
#5: After you've thought about the other Pinnacle.

We can help you create the perfect onboarding kit that's fun, functional, and fashionable.

So how can YOU make your employees feel welcome?

Visit our Employee Onboarding page for some great product ideas to put together your own new-hire kit, and call one of our Merchandise Experts at 800.351.4226 to get the ball rolling. No time to wait; you've got new hires coming on board.

In the meantime, share some ideas below in the comments...we'd love to read them.

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Promotional Products to Channel Your Inner Athlete

Promotional Products to Channel Your Inner Athlete

With more and more consumers choosing organic and fat-free foods over the regular, and getting in on the latest exercise trend, tapping into the health & fitness industry for your marketing efforts will help you Make the right impression.™

How can you connect with those health-conscious consumers and successfully promote your brand? That’s where promotional products play in to your marketing strategy. With the right promotional products, you can help each and every customer channel his or her inner athlete, and put your brand at the forefront. Here is just a selection of the ways in which you can reach out to potential customers with great giveaways.

Active Health Tracker & Heart Rate Monitor

 Fitness trackers of all sorts have sharply risen into popularity recently. Knowing everything from your heart rate, calories burned, distance walked, sleep patterns, and more, gives the customer some peace of mind. Customers feel like they can adjust their daily routine accordingly, and take better control of their health. These devices can be a tad expensive, but now that is not a concern. By custom branding this tracker and handing it to customers as a branded giveaway piece, they appreciate all the same benefits that they would have with the popular trackers, while your corporate logo custom printed on the band will travel with them wherever they go, and will be seen far and wide, without busting your budget (or that of the customers)!

 Active Health Tracker & Heart Rate Monitor

Ultimate Gym Set

With the Ultimate Gym Gift Set, the customer will have exactly what he or she needs to make it through a good workout. The customer can stay hydrated with a water bottle in hand, keep energy up with favorite songs playing through earbuds, and even safely hold a mobile device or music player using the armband holder. Each one of these items can be custom branded with your business logo, to remind customers that your brand is making the workout possible, and to potentially increase your brand awareness. This set acts as a unique promotional gift that shows consumers that you really do care about their health.

Ultimate Gym Set- Water bottle, earbuds and armband


Fitness Towel

After the tough workout, nothing feels better than a cool down. Grab a cold water bottle, and wipe away the perspiration with this soft and light, 100% cotton Fitness Towel. If you are in the fitness business, or are even hosting a health or sporting event, this promotional towel is an excellent option. You have substantial space to boldly custom print your corporate branding across it, which in turn allows you to easily spread the word of your business, and grab the attention of a much larger audience.

Fitness Towel

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a priority for many consumers. Take this into consideration, and your brand can motivate those customers, and inspire potential customers to channel their inner athlete. With custom promotional fitness & wellness products, you can and will expand your brand reach significantly, and clearly communicate your unique brand story.

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How to Throw the Perfect Labor Day Corporate Event

How to Throw the Perfect Labor Day Corporate Event

We are just a couple weeks away from Labor Day, the federal holiday that represents the end of summer, and pays tribute to the contributions of American workers. Americans generally celebrate this day with parties, parades, and athletic events. It’s the time of the year to break out the barbecue, and put together an unforgettable bash. As a business owner, this is a good opportunity to bring your employees, co-workers, and their families together to recognize and celebrate their efforts. With that, here are some tips to help you organize and execute the perfect Labor Day corporate event.

1. Send an invitation now!

Since Labor Day always falls on the first Monday in September, your guests have busy party schedules for the long weekend. Sending a custom invitation well in advance will allow guests to plan accordingly, and will ensure that you do, in fact, have guests at your event. You can customize this clever, earth-friendly seed paper invitation to fit your needs, in terms of color scheme, style, and pattern, and the same time, make a positive impact on the environment. It conveniently comes with RSVP cards, and Thank You cards as well, with envelopes that are 100% recycled. Incorporate your business branding, and looking professional with a bit of personality couldn’t be easier.

Premium Seed Paper Invitation

2. Choose a Theme and Decorate Accordingly

Tying all of your party elements together cohesively will create the appropriate party atmosphere, which guests will be able to connect with. This will even make party planning a bit easier, as there is a unifying message that you are putting forward. You could go with an All-American theme, and incorporate the red, white, and blue colors into everything, from the food to the decorations. For example, you could put red, white, and blue balloons up, and even have them custom printed with your corporate branding. These 100% biodegradable latex balloons will be a fun and colorful addition. You could also hand out these USA Promotional Pinwheels to guests, as party favors that kids and adults alike will appreciate. Custom print your company branding on the stick, and you’re good to go! You can even add your corporate branding into items like drinkware, and plates, as a gentle reminder to guests of who is making the party possible!

USA Promotional Pinwheel

3. Plan a Memorable Menu

Finally, every good party needs good food, and now is the perfect time for barbecue. Grilled chicken and veggies, coleslaw, and burgers are just a few of the popular favorites for Labor Day. You will look and feel like a grilling pro with the right equipment. The Grill Master Promotional Picnic Apron Kit is perfect the chef, as it allows for all cooking tools to be easily within reach. The kit comes equipped with an apron, detachable bottle opener, padded oven mitt, and a towel. There is no need to worry about messes, as the apron is machine washable. The best part is that you can have the apron custom printed with your corporate branding, which means your brand can make yet another subtle appearance.

Grill Master Promotional Picnic Apron Kit


By following these tips, you can inject a bit of branding into your corporate Labor Day event in a fun, but not intrusive way, and put together one heck of a shindig! Bring together your team, friends, and family, and incorporate a bit of branding for a completely cohesive and unique get together that will be remembered long after Labor Day.

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Seasonal Promotional Products: How to “Fall” Into the Perfect Marketing Strategy

Seasonal Promotional Products: How to “Fall” Into the Perfect Marketing Strategy

As a business owner, you may find yourself more engrossed in the day–to-day processes and challenges, than in the big picture. Instead of being narrowly focused, remember your primary goal–growing the business and building your brand.

To achieve that goal, you will have to play the role of a business owner AND a marketer. You need to have a strong, overall marketing strategy in place, which you can adhere to and implement consistently within your means.

By doing so, you have the ability to capitalize on seasonal marketing opportunities. Though your particular business may not be a simply seasonal one, you may have started to notice that consumers’ purchase behaviors are influenced by seasonal changes, trends, and events-i.e., Back to school, Easter, winter weather, etc.

A great way to leverage these occurrences is to develop promotional campaigns. In these efforts to develop marketing that actually resonates with consumers, offering custom branded promotional giveaways and incentives will help you to effectively attract customers, and retain them for the long run.

As the fall season is officially just a month away, we are here to provide your business with some fall marketing tips and ideas.

Fall Weather

The way that consumers, feel, their habits, their moods, and their interests are, believe it or not, influenced by changes in the weather. By keeping your brand relevant to the season and these seasonal desires, you are showing customers that they matter, and you can stay connected and engaged with those consumers. With the arrival of color changing leaves, and cooler days, consumers are dressing warmly and spending more time outdoors with the family, playing sports, taking pictures, camping, attending fall festivals, etc. To set your business apart from the competition, and to provide customers with incentives to begin or continue business with you, you could provide them with complementary, custom branded promotional gifts.

For example, with the Game Day Hooded Blanket in hand, watching a thrilling game of football couldn’t be more relaxing. It’s a cleverly designed combination hooded poncho, backpack, and even a blanket, with inner hand-warming pockets all in one! The backpack allows for easy storage and transportation. With all of these features and your corporate logo custom printed on it, customers will carry literally carry your brand to a larger audience, and you can set yourself apart from the competition.

Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt                    Game Day Hooded Blanket


Fall Holidays/Events

The fall season brings with it many notable holiday observances that you could utilize in promoting your business. For one, there’s Labor Day. Labor Day is generally celebrated by Americans as the symbolic end of summer, and it’s a time when people like to have picnics, barbecues, and other outdoor events. It is the perfect time to promote your business, and help customers enjoy the special day. Some custom branded giveaways could give your business the extra marketing edge.

The Chill and Grill Outdoor Kit takes the hassle out of outdoor shindigs. This handy portable grill comes equipped with a large cooler compartment and tongs included, as well as extra zippered compartments to store grilling supplies and food. Comfortable grip handles and a shoulder strap make it easy for customers to become the grill master of the party. The best part is that you can custom print your corporate logo on it in a large space. In doing so, consumers enjoy their get togethers, while you can effectively develop brand awareness.

Chill and Grill Outdoor Kit

This is just one instance in which providing your customers with custom promotional products can be useful for the fall holiday season. Consider how you could utilize the spirit of other fall holidays to promote your brand in a way that is truly relevant to consumers – especially your desired target audience.

Capturing the spirit of the season creatively will help your consumers connect and relate to your brand and your message. Custom products or schwag will make that possible within the scope of your budget and marketing strategy. You ultimately want to build your business and your overall image.

So, put on your marketing AND business leader caps, and “fall” into the perfect marketing strategy!

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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Promotional Products

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Promotional Products

By now, you should know that promotional products offer tremendous value to that advertiser, as well as to the recipient.

According to research by the Advertising Specialty Institute, one third of recipients said that they are more likely to do business with an advertiser after receiving the promotional item than they were beforehand.

Recipients not only remembered the name of the advertiser, they also overwhelmingly felt more positive about the advertiser.

With this information in mind, you should know that promotional products can convey your company message creatively. But to achieve the maximum impact, you have to give the right product to the right person, and still stay true to your business image.

What does it really take to choose the promotional products that work for your business (and satisfy customers)? Without a clear marketing strategy, you are setting yourself up for trouble.

This applies to every company, whether a non-profit organization or a small business. Here are some tips to choose the promo products to make your business shine and Make the right impression™.

 Know Who You Are

It goes without saying that you should know your products and services inside out. But aside from that, you should know your company values, what you represent, what sort of image you want to present, and what is your brand message. You should build your marketing strategy based on that. Ask yourself if the product in question is appropriate for your brand. For example, if your business is in the educational industry, a custom beach towel may not be the ideal choice, but a custom clipboard folder may be better. It sounds too obvious, but by knowing yourself, you can know your customer too. That means that you can tailor your product to meet the needs of your target customers, while still building your brand accordingly. Also, you could consider distributing one sort of promo product to existing customers, and a different one for potential customers, as you are conveying two different messages–one as a reminder, and one as an invitation.

10.5 lb./doz. Mid-Weight Colored Beach Towel                Clipboard Folder               

Be Unique

When it comes to promotional products, all too often, businesses choose generic products that they may personally like, but in the end are forgettable. The idea is to convey your brand message in a way in which customers feel appreciated, and your brand is remembered. To put your best foot forward and make the right impression™, choose promotional swag that is in tune with your brand and connects with customers on a personal level. For instance, a non-profit company could swap out a general promotional notepad for a Recycled Jotter & Pen. Choose a product that will be a memorable keepsake, unlike a generic product that any company could use. Consider what sort of items your competitors are likely to give away, and go against the grain, but remember to represent your company appropriately and creatively. If everyone in your field is giving out cell phone holders, think of what makes you unique and make your decisions based on that.

The Recycled Jotter & Pen                       The Coloma Cell Phone Holder


Consider Location

Think about how and where you are planning to distribute the product. If it will be at a company picnic, you have more leeway to customize larger promotional items like a cooler tote, while at a trade show, something lighter may be in order, like a convention tote. So make sure that you take location of product distribution into account when selecting the most effective and appropriate promotional products.

 Icy Bright Cooler Tote                       The Chattanooga Convention Tote

As you can clearly see, there is more to the story of promotional products than meets the eye. Promotional products are highly valuable tools to include in your marketing strategy, but only if you know how to make them work for you.

When you have a clear strategy, an understanding of your brand and your customer, and a unique selling position, choosing the most effective and most appropriate promotional products for your business to give away to both potential and new customers will be straightforward.

But always remember that if you are still completely lost, you have Pinnacle Promotions.


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Promotional Products: A Class Act

Promotional Products: A Class Act

School is back in session all across the country. That means new seasons of extracurricular activities like sports, theatre rehearsals, etc. In addition, individual school clubs and groups are planning different ways to generate interest in or raise money for themselves and their programs.

That applies to the PTAs as well, who are organizing their agendas and events for the year. Pushing potential members and event attendees into purchasing random items will certainly make them hesitant to become involved.

If you’re a club or event organizer, a positive alternative to this method is to offer complimentary, custom swag. This will allow you to spark a bit of curiosity and interest without being a complete turn off. Without further ado, here is YOUR lesson in custom promotion.

Club and Event Ideas

No matter what type of group or event you may have, keeping personal belongings in order isn’t easy for everyone. That’s why a sturdy cinch pack or drawstring bag is a custom giveaway that’s appropriate for anyone. Offering individuals any one of these sturdy and stylish bags that are available in several different colors, styles, and patterns, and custom printing your group name or logo on it will build awareness, and act as a useful souvenir. Those individuals will be appreciative and more inclined to consider participating in respective activities.

Color Splash Promotional Cinch Pack

Also, knowing the type of group or event you have, e.g. a fraternity, a sports team, an orientation, you can provide associated custom branded giveaways.

For example, fraternities and sororities may want to proudly print their letters on a comfortable and attractive t-shirt, while for a PTA event or school orientation, a fun and complimentary custom giveaway item could be a pencil stress ball.

On the other hand, a unique giveaway for an athletic team could be a bold Pencil pennant to stir up some real school spirit. With your organization’s information printed on these items, you can generate buzz keep your brand at the top of people’s minds, and encourage engagement from potential members.

 Men's Cool Dry Sport Tee        Pencil pennant- 2 3/8" x 3 1/4"

So if you want to build brand awareness without being a bother, custom promotional giveaways will do the trick.

You will remind potential and current members/invitees of your value, add some genuine personality to your brand, and Make the right impression.™

Happy back to school!


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Trade Show Tuesday: Gearing Up for Your Winter Show

Trade Show Tuesday: Gearing Up for Your Winter Show

Trade shows are a great opportunity to capture the attention of potential customers, showcase your new products or services, and learn about industry trends and news. But to truly be prepared for presenting at a trade show, you need to start planning at least a few months in advance. Summer vacations are winding down, but before you know it winter will be upon us. That means that now is the time to start getting geared up for the winter trade shows.

At a trade show, perhaps more than in any other place, it is the optimal chance for your business to connect with customers and Make the right impression.™ To generate traffic to your booth, aside from having an excellent presentation, you can offer clever and creative giveaways to your visitors. Custom branded promotional products or schwag will help attendees remember your brand and appreciate your service. Here are some of those products that will be perfect giveaways for the winter trade show.

Keep Warm Buddy Set

Your booth attendees will literally warm up to your brand, when they have the Keep Warm Buddy Set in hand. This includes a comfortable fleece scarf, gloves, and cap in a neat drawstring bag, all of which can be custom embroidered with your corporate branding. Offering this convenient and useful branded bag to potential customers and clients as a token of appreciation, as opposed to items that will more than likely be tossed aside, will allow your brand to stand out amongst the competition, and hence be remembered. So, when planning for the trade show, remember to take timing and the season into consideration, and take advantage of that.

 Keep Warm Buddy Set

Plush Blanket

This is the perfect medium to get brand exposure and help customers stay warm and cozy all year long, not just in the winter. Your company logo can be embroidered on this microfiber fleece blanket for maximum branding impact. Since this product is not limited to a particular audience, you can attain even greater brand reach, which makes it a useful marketing tool at the trade show. Showing customers your soft side has never been easier, or more appealing.

Plush Blanket

Malmo Mix n Match Gift Set

When it starts to get chilly, nothing hits the spot like a hot beverage. That is why this gift set is an excellent choice as a giveaway. A sturdy and stylish travel mug AND a travel tumbler will make enjoying hot drinks on the go easy. Your corporate branding can be custom printed on both, and the two are packaged neatly in a silver gift box. You have lots of colors to choose from, and can also choose to have both the tumbler and the mug the same color or two different colors. Even better, you can enjoy free printing set up on the second item. You can really show that your brand has personality, and can create an inviting atmosphere for your booth visitors.

Malmo Mix n Match Gift Set

For the winter trade show, tap into the timing and spirit of the season with promotional products like these in your marketing arsenal. Remember, that to Make the right impression™, you should be able to connect with customers, and show them that you have put some thought into your entire trade show package, from the display to the presentation to the giveaways.

Make sure that everything that you do comes together to produce a cohesive brand message, with a dose of personality.


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Educational Products: Back 2 School With Promo Products

Educational Products: Back 2 School With Promo Products

It’s that time of the year again, when kids and young adults grudgingly put away their bathing suits at the end of summer vacation and gear up for going back to school.

As they head back to hit the books, not only should the students be prepared with adequate school supplies, but so should the schools. Students, teachers, parents, and school administration all really do take pride in their school.

Custom school schwag is a positive way to spark a sense of school spirit, assist students with their daily study needs, and even lend a helping hand with school special events or fundraisers.

While with businesses, their goal in using promotional products is generally to generate sales and leads, educational institutions use promotional products primarily to shape their brand image.

It’s a great way for a school to cost effectively promote the school. There are some broad categories of promotional products that schools of all sizes can take advantage of in developing their brands.

Homework Helpers:

For a student to succeed, having the right supplies makes all the difference. When a student can be organized, studying can be a little more peaceful. These sorts of promotional products can be offered to students at a reasonable price, perhaps at the school store. For example, one of the most essential items for studying is having excellent lighting. This bendable book light that easily clips onto a book is perfect for late night studying or reading, as it has an extra bright white LED light, and conveniently has a battery included. With your school or institution’s logo proudly printed on the base, students can take pride in their school and its commitment to student success. Another great option to consider adding to your collection of custom school supplies is the New Wave Pocket Buddy Notebook, equipped with inner and outer pockets, 70 lined sheets, and a matching translucent ballpoint pen. Promotional swag like pens, note holders, and pencil cases will make organization, and brand building a breeze.

Bendable Book Light

School Spirit

Showing school spirit is part of a complete school or college experience. There couldn’t be a more fitting way to help students and faculty do that than with promotional spirit swag. Great for sporting events, a product like Boom Boom Sticks could really get a crowd going, and puts the spotlight on the school branding. Students and faculty will be reminded of whom they represent time and time again, and will be excited to share that message with others. That also goes for the Rollabana, which can be printed on both sides of the banner for extra impact with images, phrases, and/or pictures!

Boom Boom Sticks

School Fundraisers/Events

From campus clubs to choirs and athletic teams, there comes a time when a little fundraising may be in order. Instead of boring potential donors with standard sales merchandise like magazine subscriptions or bake sales, provide them with useful and unique branded swag. Offering something like a cool and handy Waterproof Smartphone Pouch or a Curvaceous Stainless Steel Custom Sports Bottle will capture audience attention and show some brand personality, hence making the right impression.

Waterproof Smartphone Pouch

In the educational realm, custom promotional swag is a simple way to establish a school’s brand and personality, and consequently raise awareness for the institution, or even for a specific department within it. These products are beneficial to students and staff alike, and they are simple, cost-effective means of marketing.

Happy back to school!


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Are You Pinnacle Perfect?

Are You Pinnacle Perfect?

We’ve told you how valuable promotional products can be for marketing your business. With Pinnacle Promotions on your side, building your brand couldn’t be easier.

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to take the plunge into the realm of promotional products, there are so many options that are available to you, from type to print style, to color. When you don’t have much time to get the high quality and affordable custom branded promotional products that your business needs ready for your event, we have you covered.

Enter Pinnacle Perfect—our most popular promotional items, with simplified swag options at factory direct prices. With Pinnacle Perfect products, you won’t have the hassle or hesitation, as these products have quick turnarounds backed by our Pinnacle Platinum Guarantee.

Your marketing may not be perfect, but to help you get there, there’s Pinnacle Perfect. These schwag products span across different categories from drinkware to bags to office accessories and more. It’s just a matter of finding what works for you.


For example, Pinnacle’s take on the classic white coffee mug has proven to be a simple, yet extremely effective takeaway piece for customers, as they have a way to remember your brand each and every day, while sipping their favorite beverages. As an added convenience, this ceramic mug is microwave safe with a comfortable handle. Then, with your branding cleanly printed on the front of the mug, you will be ready for your next event!

 Pinnacle Perfect Coffee Mug

Giveaways & Favors

We’ve got some perfectly fun and still useful swag like these LED Key Tags. These custom branded LED key tags come in four bold colors and even include batteries. The LED feature coupled with custom branding certainly takes it up a notch not just in terms of appearance, but also in terms of marketing power.

 Pinnacle Perfect LED Key Tags

Technology & Electronics

In this age of technology-obsessed consumers, it is a great time to take advantage of the marketing opportunity available. Pinnacle Perfect Metallic Powerbanks can be screen printed or laser engraved with your corporate logo,  adding some energy not just to devices, but also to your marketing. With a sleek finish and a choice of four vibrant colors, you can appeal to consumers, as well as add some personality to your brand.

 Pinnacle Perfect Metallic Powerbanks

Believe it or not, your company has tremendous marketing potential. With Pinnacle Perfect products, you don’t have to jump through the hoops to achieve success.

In terms of utilizing schwag and custom products, don’t get bogged down by the vast number of choices available to you. Follow our simple breakdown of cost-effective, immensely popular, custom promotional products, and you’re sure to Make the Right Impression™.


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