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The Low-Down on Loyalty Programs

“Loyalty” is one of these buzz words that marketers cannot escape.

In the most literal sense of the word, “loyalty” implies that a person or group of people is faithful to another person, country, group, or cause. For the business world, “loyalty” alludes to the fact that a brand’s customers will choose its offerings, despite being faced with a slew of competing choices. Whether customers remain loyal because of low prices, convenience, superior service, and/or exceptional products or services, some element that they weight heavily in the purchasing process stands out in their minds and warrants a commitment.

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The Only Foolproof Way to Prevent Losing Your Favorite Promotional Pen…

Okay, folks. Show of hands: have you ever found yourself frustrated, annoyed, or even angry because your favorite writing utensil has mysteriously “disappeared?” I know I have experienced all of the above emotions throughout my time in the workforce, and according to a recent survey conducted by Paper Mate, 100 percent of respondents actually ‘fessed up to having swiped a pen from a coworker. Even Czech president Vaclac Klaus was caught “stealing” a promotional pen from a news conference in Chile last year (see our post from April 2011 for more information)!

Additional shocking results from Paper Mate’s study: out of the 1,000 Americans interviewed as part of the phone survey, 22% admitted to stealing pens deliberately!

So, why, with the extreme number of pen thefts, are writing instruments consistently ranked as the second largest category in the promotional product world?

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Treat VIPs to Exclusive Events, Perks, & Promotional Giveaways This Holiday Season

Irresistible truffles
Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: ParisSharing

V.I.P… “Very Important Person,” or for the purposes of this blog post, “Very Important Prospect.” Who doesn’t enjoy feeling wanted and appreciated? Particularly around the holidays, when mass marketing permeates consumers’ mailboxes, inboxes, and minds, crafty marketers understand that segmentation can mean the difference between a stellar campaign and a mediocre one. By isolating the prospects who exhibit the characteristics of current valued customers and demonstrating through your promotional giveaways campaign how badly you want their business, you stand a much greater chance of securing their loyalty.

As a cardholder at a popular national department store, I was invited, along with a guest, to attend a “Private Shopping Event” Sunday night. Personalized invitation in hand, I approached the door after regular business hours to take part in the exclusive activity.

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Have You Ordered Your Breast Cancer Awareness Promotional Items Yet?

Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: smthcriminal29

Curious about the recent surge in pink products and breast cancer awareness promotional items? Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) is only a few days away, and organizations including the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and others are busily preparing for annual walks and fundraising drives. In 2011, it is estimated that 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer will develop among American women alone. Additionally, 39,520 breast cancer deaths are anticipated by year’s end. It is the most common cancer in women worldwide.

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POLL: Which Promotional Fitness Accessories Do Gym-Goers Like Best?

Byron cleaning
Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: jontunn

Gyms, health clubs, and personal training companies are a dime a dozen. So what differentiates one fitness option from another? While it can be tough for consumers to decide between signing with one gym versus another and price is often a key consideration, marketing and promotional fitness accessories can play a large role in attracting members/clients to a particular choice and securing their loyalty.

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Atlanta Eateries Can Use Business Card Magnets to Promote New Airport Locations

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, one of the biggest and busiest air transit locations in the country, is hoping to give travelers a better taste of Atlanta by encouraging local restaurateurs to open eateries throughout the terminals.

As part of the initiative, the airport has decided to distribute over 100 new contracts to qualifying food and beverage vendors. Richard Blais, the Kinjo brothers (of MF Sushi), and Shaun Doty (of YEAH! Burger) are just a few of the big name local chefs competing for their chance to help add quality and “southern flair” to Hartsfield-Jackson.

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More Promotional Travel Items on the Way for Business Executives, Study Finds

A recent survey by American Airlines found that business executives expect their travel needs – and those of their employees – to increase through 2012. One possible reason for the rise in travel may be the slight economic recovery, as well as the fact that more than half of all survey respondents viewed face-to-face business meetings as vital to the ongoing success of their business.

In the ad specialty industry alone, many owners are beginning to include tradeshows in their fiscal budgets. And, it seems as though they won’t let an out of town location stop them, according to Advertising Specialty Institute, the leading industry organization.

As a result of the increase in air travel, promotional travel items are becoming an increasingly effective way to reach business owners and C-level executives in all industries.

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Meet the iGeneration: The Youngest Users of Promotional Electronics

Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: apdk

As I was browsing the racks in a local boutique several weeks ago, I couldn’t help but notice a mother and toddler on the other side of the shop. “Mommy and me“ shopping trips are nothing out of the ordinary, but the young child was seated in a stroller and engrossed in a game on what appeared to be an iPad!

Appropriately nicknamed the “iGeneration,” America’s youngsters are no strangers to portable technology and promotional electronics.

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Reaching College Students with Promotional Electronics [infographic]

If you’ve ever thought that college students are addicted to electronics, you could be on to something. A recent University of Maryland study asked students not to use media for 24 hours and found that many of those participants experienced symptoms similar to drug withdrawal.

Student dependence on electronic devices is not necessarily a bad thing, however, as 91% of students use email to seek extra help from teachers and almost 90% of students feel that tablets help them study more efficiently.

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New Study Supports Provision of Promotional Cell Phone Accessories in the Workplace

A recent Harris Interactive poll discovered new information about cell phone usage in the workplace. The bad news for employers? 63% of Americans surveyed believe that people glance at their cell phones during work meetings and 74% of Americans believe people use their cell phones at work to conduct activities they wouldn’t do on the company computer, like job searching or surfing dating websites. The good news for your brand? Promotional cell phone accessories must obtain lots of impressions throughout the work week!

So what are the most popular techniques for sneaking a peek at cell phones? And what sites do people visit most from their cell phones when they are on the clock?

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