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Charity Golf Tournament Swag Bags Made Easy

If you’ve ever been charge of putting together swag bags for a charity golf tournament you know that it can be challenging to source quality products and stay within your budget.  We understand this challenge and have put together golf tournament kits that make your life easier!

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A very valuable tip if you have the time, is to include promotional items into your sponsor packages. Instead of requesting your sponsors to donate items for your swag bags,  you can offer different levels of sponsors to have their logo on the golf bag, golf towel, water bottle, balls or tees for example.  This provides a great value to have their logo on the gift items and it also takes the extra work off your sponsors.  Each product in our kits can be customized with a different logo at no additional cost.  Plus they are offered with no setup charge.

Depending on your budget and tournament entry fee you can choose from our best selling golf kits to fit your needs.  I have included a good, better, best option but we have many more options in our Golf Kits category on our website.



Scramble Golf Kit

The Scramble Golf Kit includes 10 2-3/4″ Tees, 15″ x 18″ Poly blend towel with grommet &  hook, a Top Flite XLD golf ball packaged in a 28 oz Eco Quencher Water Bottle.  Price includes a one or two color, one pole imprint on golf balls, and your logo printed in one ink color on towel, tees, and bottle.



6 Pack Golf Kit

The 6 Pack Golf Kit is a mid-level golf swag bag that features 6 Pack Cooler Bag, 15″ x 18″ Poly Blend white towel with grommet & hook, Six 2-3/4″ tees, a divot repair tool, collapsible can holder, Bottle Opener, and a Top Flite XLD golf ball.  Price includes a one or two color, one pole imprint on golf balls, and your logo printed in one ink color on towel, tees, repair tool, foam can holder, bottle opener and cooler bag.  Other models of balls are available so if you’d rather include Titleist PV1 Golf Ball or a Wilson Ultra golf ball we can adjust your kit.



Golf Cooler Kit

The Golf Cooler Kit without Balls is a higher end golf swag bag that features a Golf Cooler Bag, 15″ x 18″ golf towel with grommet & hook, 8 2-3/4″ Tees, Divot Repair Tool, and Collapsible Can Holder.  Price includes a one color imprint on all items (and remember you can do a different logo on each item for no additional cost).

Here’s a 5 Star review of the Golf Cooler Bag from one of our customers, “We searched and searched for a cooler shaped like a golf bag. This one was perfect and it then also came with the koozie, towel, tees, divot repair tool and small wipes case, all displaying our logo as well. The price was great for all of these elements and everything looked great. Even our logo so small on a tee, very readable.” –  Alisa C.


Hopefully we have provided you with some ideas of how to provide quality golf tournament swag bags and have your sponsors support and recognition.  Good luck with your charity golf tournaments this year… hope you raise lots of money and create a fun, successful tournament.



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Case Study: Flexible Promotional Vase

This spring we helped one of our customers, Michelle find an inexpensive, unique item for her event.  After looking through many promotional products in her price range, she decided to order a sample of the Flexible Promotional Vase.

After reviewing the product she was pleasantly surprised to find that the vase was not as thin as she expected and was “amazed and excited about the quality of the item”.  She placed an order and purchased enough to display on her registration table as well as give as a gift to each person attending.  Not only did the Flexible Promotional Vase act as a decorative piece on her table, but it also was very well received by her attendees.  Everyone left with a quality branded vase which they could use in their home or office to display flowers.  Michelle felt the vase had a “lot of bang for the buck”!

Read more about the Flexible Promotional Vase and watch our how-to video

The Can Grip: for When It’s So Cold, You Don’t Need Koozies

Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted an early spring this morning, but that doesn’t mean the cold weather is behind us. We’ve still got a few weeks of chilly temperatures to go, so there’s no need to pack your beach bags full of swimsuits and koozies just yet.

The bright side of this (and the side Phil was facing when he came out of his hole) is that you don’t even need koozies to ensure that your brew will stay nice and frosty; Mother Nature will be doing it for you. All you have to do is keep your warm hands off of your cold can, and there’s no better way to do that than with the Can Grip.

The concept behind the Can Grip is one of those simple-yet-brilliant ones that we wish we’d come up with first, but it makes us so happy that we’re just glad someone invented it. The product adds a whole new dimension to your friends telling you to “get a handle on yourself” when you’ve had one too many celebratory drinks at the post-game party; it makes it easy to hold your drink without warming it up when you’re wearing gloves outside; it’s got a built-in coaster on the bottom to keep a can steady on any surface, from the tailgate to the sidewalk…the perks of this magnificent product are endless.

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How to Save Money on Everything from Groceries to Promotional Products

They say a dollar saved is a dollar earned. And this adage has never been truer than in today’s tumultuous economy. So as a tribute to the fact that today is National Teach your Children to Save Day, I thought now would be a good time to discuss consumer behavior and ways to save on everything from groceries to promotional products.

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Discovery of the Vanagon- need a promotional key chain?

As I was on my lunch break about a week ago, I came across a new discovery that I had never seen before.  Stopped at the traffic light to my right was a large awkward-looking van. During further inspection I noticed the model name on the back, and guess what it said- Vanagon.  First of all, I didn’t see anything overtly attractive about the vehicle itself to make anyone want to run to the car lot and buy this baby, and secondly I couldn’t believe it was called the Vanagon. So being in the promotional industry, first thing I think of is:  What goes best with a Vanagon? Promotional key chain of course! Continue reading

Here comes the Bride… and promotional magnets

Wedding season is in full swing. I not only have friends that are getting married in the coming weeks, but buzz is in the air around our office from co-workers who are attending if not just one, but multiple weddings throughout Spring as well.  I guess it is just natural for people our age to take the leap.  You wouldn’t think that a company such as ourselves would get many orders for weddings, but surprisingly we do. Couples are not only commemorating their day, but they want all their guests to have a little something to take home so they can remember the joyous occasion as well. Click to read about what wedding promos are popular

tiny giveaways that say “thank you”

First off, apologies for the lack of posts here the past few days. Pinnacle’s Marketing Department is in overdrive finishing up some work for our site. Thanks for staying loyal and checking back with us.

Everyone loves getting mail, right? A few days ago, alongside junk coupons and the U.S. Census, I received a tiny envelope in my mailbox with my address hand-written on the front. I opened it and lifted out an embossed note from my friend Allison, thanking me for a favor I’d done for her.

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Promotional Product Coupons Online: More Fun Than the Sunday Morning Paper + a Pair of Scissors

In an office that happens to be predominantly female, shopping is a conversation topic that arises on a daily basis. There is constant discussion about sales, coupons, and limited time offers, and an article published yesterday on, “Coupon Use Skyrockets,” supports a hunch I had been harboring about a swell in bargain-hunting chatter occurring amongst my coworkers in recent months.

According to the article, coupon distribution in 2009 reached its highest recorded level since 1988 (when market research firms began tracking this information). It shouldn’t come as a shock to anybody that retailers and business owners adopted discounting strategies to try and stay afloat during the current economic crisis, but an underlying reason for the coupon distribution increase that I hadn’t fully considered was the tremendous jump in online coupon distribution and redemption. Internet coupon distribution increased a whopping 92% last year, with consumer redemption rates of online offers up more than 36%.

A quick Google search for the phrase “online coupons” turns up millions of results, mostly web directories with archived coupons for virtually any type of store. Some directories are solely dedicated to the retail sector, while others focus on grocery coupons, restaurant deals, or a variety of other niche areas. Finding discounts has never been easier- if I am considering a purchase from one of my favorite clothing stores, I can avoid overlooking an opportunity to save money by conducting a single search query. These directories typically feature immediate, date-specific feedback from shoppers who have successfully redeemed a promo code/printable coupon/special offer from your chosen retailer.

With large retail chains, it used to be entirely possible that you may not get word of a sale or exclusive offer until it had expired, but now savvy shoppers have a convenient communication channel to share insider information with others. Lucky for you, Pinnacle Promotions coupons can be found exclusively on our website, saving you the hassle of scouring the Web for bargains! Happy Shopping!

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