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Party Pen [Video]

One of my favorite new pen products this year is the Party Pen!  It’s a 3-in-1 Pen that features an LED light, bottle opener, and of course a twist action pen.


For whatever your emergency may be, the LED Aluminum Light with Bottle Opener and Pen will probably be able to help. Light up a word, jot down a note, and open a drink without having to switch tools.  This item makes a great giveaway for any organization or company that is promoting a “work hard, play hard” culture.

To learn more about the Party Pen, check out our video featuring Sofia, our Merchandising Coordinator.


Don’t you just love her party scene?



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Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: the Vanessa Bracelet & Stylus

Currently I am drawn toward promotional products that assist with technology. Everyday essentials such as iPad sleeves, Bluetooth enabled speakers, checkpoint friendly computer bags and battery power sticks help us make it thru our busy days. The smallest gadget, like a stylus helps the user navigate their tablet or smartphone without fumbling or making fingerprints on their screen.

And I have seen a lot of unique styluses out there. Models that have a screen cleaner embedded in the case, pen/stylus combos, and even a pen/stylus/highlighter combo! When I discovered the Vanessa bracelet/stylus I was wowed. A rubberized bracelet that has a stylus tip and that can triple as a bookmark? So cool!

The modern colors and sleek material are not to be ignored. My favorite is the green. Choose from 6 PMS shades to coordinate with your logo. This product would be unique and cost effective to mail to your favorite customers! They will be wearing your brand around town! Up to 3 colors can be screen printed on the center of the band.

Check out the Vanessa Stylus & Bracelet and our stylus offerings here.

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Stylus Pen with Gift

I am a huge fan of gifts with purchase and have talked myself into many a makeup shopping spree because I loved the free tote and samples I’d get along with my purchase. Now you can take advantage of our own free gift with purchase if you’re looking to buy stylus pens!

Stylus pens have steadily risen in the ranks of popular pens, with it’s knockout combination that enables you to go from paper to touchscreen just by flipping which side you’re are using. The Premium Stylus Pen is no exception and boasts metal-tone features and a soft rubber grip that will make it easy for your recipients to take notes during meetings or class without hurting their fingers. And for a short while longer, starting with a 1,000 minimum order you’ll receive a gift with your awesome new stylus pens. Depending on the size of your order, you could receive Keurig Elite B40 Coffeemaker, or a MacBook air or any gift of your choice. Check out all your choices here! Sometimes having to order new promotional products can feel like a chore but we all know that chores are often easier if there’s incentive at the end. Make sure to check out the Premium Stylus Pen and gift options!

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The Promotional iWallet

March brings on an avalanche of celebrations for me: my birthday, my significant other’s birthday, and St. Patrick’s day as well as many outdoor festivals celebrating the returning spring and more than one reminiscent pub crawl.The one thing I’m not looking forward to lugging along to all these festivities? My purse. My ever-growing purse collection and I have reached a sort of museum-currator relationship: I fawn, obsess and spend only to find out it looks much better sitting on my shelf than as a functioning piece of my wardrobe. They are either comically small or so big that, as I comedian whose name I can’t quite remember once quipped, I could probably fit the Stanley Cup in there. Well no more! For the days and nights that I just want to travel light, the iWallet has got my back!

The iWallet is a adhesive silicone wallet that sticks to the back of any phone and can hold up to 3 credit cards, a drivers license, or business cards. It’s great for a night on the town where you don’t want to risk losing a purse or wallet. As a gift or giveaway, it guarantees usage because what’s the one thing we’re all apt to carry everywhere we go? Our phones. Now you gents, and your clients, won’t have to promise your chiropractors that you’ll stop putting your wallet in your back pockets (terrible for your spine I hear!) and I, along with the growing population of ladies who are using weekender bags as everyday bags, can stop complaining that our purses are hurting us more than our high heels.

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Trending Now: Trend #5 Mobile Tech

Mobile devices from smartphones to tablets are becoming hugely popular and are taking a slice of the pie in terms of total web traffic.  KISSmetric put together a great infographic on how Mobile Devices are Changing Business.   Interesting to note that mobile (phone & tablet) accounted for about 20% of the total web traffic in the US in 2012 and mobile is projected to surpass desktops as the most commonly used device to access the web worldwide in 2013.

This is a trend you can’t ignore and luckily we have plenty of products that are designed to enhance our fast-paced mobile lifestyle.  Our Mobile Tech products feature the newest technology and cutting edge gadgets from tablet cases and re-charging devices to cell phone accessories like microfiber cloths and earbuds.  Don’t let that word “technology” make you think that everything is expensive… there are plenty of inexpensive promotional products that will allow you to dip into this trend without exceeding your budget.  Here are some of my favorites:


Stylus with Cleaning Cloth features a sleek barrel that pulls apart to reveal a hidden screen cleaner.  Earphone jack keeps your stylus attached and ready to work.  Great mobile tech item under $2!


The Xoopar Robo Powerbank is a clever robot with adjustable legs and arms that powers your mobile devices.  This was designed to cater to proud tech geeks… believe me, this is a huge market!  Imagine the delight when they receive this cool gadget.

The Microbuff Mini is a cute microfiber cloth that features repositionable Sticky Pad Technology® that allows you to grip it tightly to back of most gadgets without leaving a sticky residue.  Remove from the back of your phone, clean your screen and replace.  Another great inexpensive mobile tech product as low as $0.98.

Brookstone® Leather iPad Stand with Sleeve allows you to easily and comfortably view your iPad while on the go.  Sleeve secures tablet to your hand or arm for easy viewing… talk about enhancing your mobile experience! It also folds into a multi-angle stand for ultimate viewing.

Do the majority of your clients have smartphones and tablets?  These accessories may be the perfect branding opportunity.  Check out more great Mobile Tech products on our pinboard or on our website.


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Museum Gift Shop Promotions

At the beginning of 2013, I splurged a little and bought a year long pass to the Atlanta High Museum of Art. So far it’s been worth every penny! I’ve enjoyed their take on the emergence of modern art and on Valentine’s Day they opened their latest temporary exhibit: Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics, and Painting.

While I might not be the biggest fan of Frida Kahlo’s work, it’s always nice to spend a weekend afternoon wandering around the different sections of the museum. Of course, one of the highlights of my museum wandering involves picking up a small something at the souvenir shop as I wonder what Pinnacle supplied products I would add if I was running the shop. Museum gift shops usually run the spectrum of kid-centric products to expensive exclusives from visiting artists, truly presenting the age old saying “something for everyone”

I think this is a great practice to bring over in how we look at promotional products. Like many museum patrons, they won’t look at your products for themselves, and instead think of whatever might amuse their children like theKidz Bandage Dispenser™ With Character Bandages. Highbrow it is not, but show it to any kid and there is a good chance they will happily snatch it up and use up all the bandages without actually needing them (true story).

You’ll have you middle of the road browsers, like the museum attendees who have saved up to catch a specific exhibit on it’s opening day, who aren’t kids but don’t have the money to splurge on your costlier items (think of the native hipster). They’ll look for items that funny but useful and always spend a few extra dollars if it’s a brand name they recognize like Fred Flare. So the Fred & Friends iStrike, Mixed Messages Mug, or iPlunge all carry the same winning combo of brand recognition and function that you middle of the line customers would love.

Then there are your high end customers, the ones who make contributions for exhibits to happen. I like to imagine this level, for I am naught but a poor hipster, in my head as people who prefer understand, classic quality.The Waterford® Glendalough Rollerball Pen would be an item that would look great laser engraved with the Museum’s logo and perhaps the patron’s name. It’s design would surely catch the well-trained eye of an upper-level patron.

It’s a great lesson to learn from the museum gift shops: have a little something for everyone and put it right by the exit so people will  just have to take a peek before going home.

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Megan’s Trend Spotting: Unique Promotional Sunglasses

Even though it is February, I have the need to seek out warm weather products. One of the major trends last year in promotional products was sunglasses. I have a feeling this year will be the same- I spotted a few new styles for 2013. Don’t get me wrong- these puppies were on fire in 2012 and are a great choice for a giveaway! However, here are a few new selections for 2013.

Folding Malibu Sunglasses: An update on last years winner- they are foldable!!! Great colors available and upgrade with a velvet carrying pouch.

Lucy Sunglasses : These shades are SO glam! I love the rhinestone details. This would be a great giveaway at a women’s conference.


Martin Sunglasses: This style is so sleek and modern. The recipient would definitely feel like a celebrity…Kanye anyone? And this style is so cool it is unisex.


Retro Specs: So fun and unique! Imaging YOUR brand on the lenses of these sunnies!

Palmdale Polarized Sunglasses: A little bit pricier- but these lenses give 100% UVA/UVB protection and UV400 too! And you can decorate both temples and the lens!

Using promotional sunglasses as a giveaway at your next event is smart and fun. What a thoughtful way to help the end user have comfortable vision and help protect their eyes and the delicate skin surrounding the eye. They will thank you every time they reach for that pair- who knows, they might just become their favorite!

Check out our entire assortment of sunnies here. 


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Waiting for Spring with the Herb Garden Set

With superstorm Nemo in the North and the bipolar weather we’ve had here in the South, I am really looking forward to spring and hopefully a quiet and warm spring at that. Until then, I’ve got the Herb Garden Set to keep me company at my window.

There’s nothing like some fresh herbs, especially herbs that I’ve grown, in my meal to cheer me up. This mini herb garden lets me grown my own parsley, chives, and basil from a little kit that has everything that I need. I’ve loved seeing the small sprouts grow, and its provided some nice green scenery when city life gets drab.

This Kit would be great for any company health initiatives, or eco friendly programs. It’s proven to be an easy way to introduce some fresh green into my daily diet.

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Megan’s Trend Spotting: 90’s Fashion

One of the trends in retail for the past few years has been the resurgence of 1990’s fashion. Walk into any hip retail establishment and you will find flannel, straight leg denim, vintage hoodies, leggings, and designer clothing featuring large logos.


This flow in the current of the fashion world has reached promotional apparel. While walking the 2013 PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, I spotted various styles that brought me back to the 90’s. I could just hear Eddie Vedder singing “Evenflow.” Check out some of my discoveries from the Expo. The pictures included below are from the Alternative Apparel booth- they represented this 90’s trend effortlessly. Contact us for more details, many of the pieces you see will be added to our site in the next few weeks.

Patterned tops are predicted to be huge for 2013. How cool would your logo look screen-printed in 1 color on a camouflage tee? Or try a baseball tee with stars printed on the arms and a solid body- definitely an attention grabber!

This trendy “grunge” style would work well for the college/university demographic, bars/restaurants and even more casual corporate environments.

What was your favorite piece of clothing worn in the 1990’s?

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Merrell: The Pack

It all began in 1981 when Backpacker Magazine called Randy Merrell’s boots, “the most comfortable and functional boots in North America.” In the past 30 years, Merrell has become one of the top names in outdoor footwear and apparel.

Besides having great shoes and clothing, Merrell also has some great programs, including The Pack.

When you join The Pack, you join a virtual community of like-minded athletes who enjoy the outdoors as much as you do. According to their Facebook page, when you join The Pack, you get expert training tips, are able to upload your own pictures and videos, get how-to advice from Pack leaders, download healthy recipes, compete in challenges and lots more. In addition, members of The Pack also receive special promotional products.

By joining The Pack, you’re committing to a healthy and active lifestyle and by donning The Pack promotional products, you’re showing others that they too can be part of this awesome community (and get a cool shirt!)

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