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Bottom’s Up with the Maritime Promotional Shot Glass

I had to halt all my other blog post ideas as soon as I added this new product earlier today. Combining the best of kitsch and utility, I present to you: the Maritime Shot Glass.

This itty-bitty shot glass has all the flair of a full-sized beer stein without requiring much counter space. Personally, it makes me want to find some Irish tunes or other folk music to play on repeat. This is a great item for a new bar/pub or oceanside restaurant; keep it in mind when springbreak rolls around and you want to give away fun keepsake. It’s unique spin will be sure to make this shot glass, and your logo, stand out.

Merchandising Assistant

Now in Full Color!

There are times when a simple 1 color imprint just won’t do. Sometimes you need to wow your recipients and make sure that your logo and message will be clear in their mind’s eye, and choosing just one color out of the ROY G. BIV spectrum simply isn’t enough. For those occasions, we have the 4-Color Process Theme.

So if you’re trying to breathe a little life into some office items, maybe trying to make a giveaway tote more worthy of being totted, adding a splash of color to a water bottle, or promoting health and wellness and just a little bit of travel and down time: you’ll find it all and more in this great category.

But what if, horror of all horros, what you’re looking for isn’t there? Have no fear! Our Sales Team would be more than happy to do the searching for you so you can kick back, relax, and starting searching for the colorful image that will grace your promotional product of choice.

Perhaps you are reading and wondering “why should I bother with a full color logo?”. While traditional 1-2 color logos will always be an industry standard, 4 Color Process makes you stand out in the crowd. Imagine the first time television went from black and white to color, it was a notion that may have never crossed a persons mind, but as soon as they saw it they probably realized black and white television would never be the same. If you need a more recent example: remember the first time you ever watched a movie or sports match in high definition, with 1080p providing you the most realistic and crisp image ever? It was hard to believe we all spent years watching traditional low grade signals. 4 Color Process gives you the same “wow” factor: we all have a reusable grocery tote lying around but it’s the ones with the extra punches of color that we faithfully go to, broadcasting our love for a very visible brand everywhere we go.

Merchandising Assistant

Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: Spirit Ice Tumbler

I am always seeking out useful promotional products that are attractive. And I really do enjoy finding new drinkware pieces. Remember the Vista Glass Mug, Laguna Tumbler or the Bobble Filtered Water Bottle?


The Spirit Ice Tumbler caught my attention at a recent end user show. Who wouldn’t want to drink their daily beverage in a rhinestone encrusted glass? I just feel fancy drinking my flavored water or iced coffee in it. Kind of like a private disco in my office. Or like a new wave, feminine version of the Crunk Cup.


The Spirit Ice is available in 9 exciting colors, each one is decorated with 7 rows of clear rhinestones. Then customize it by screen printing your logo on one side. The perception of your brand will be regal, fun and unique. And the double wall construction will keep your favorite drink cold. And with the 20 ounce capacity, you will never be thirsty!

Check out the Spirit Ice Tumbler and more unique products here.

Merchandising Manager

Have ’em all ears

It’s hard for me to make it through a work day without my trusty earbuds keeping me entertained with the newest episode of my favorite podcasts (This American Life and the Nerdist top the list by the way, if you were wondering), or jamming out to my many and diverse Pandora stations. Headphones and earbuds are a must for my everday. I used to have these big, amazing-but-clunky over the ear headphones that were gifted to me, but in the work atmosphere made me feel just a tad too college slacker. I then tried my hand at earbuds: the standard Apple ones that came with my iPhone died out after just a few months of use and I spent one frantic day asking if anyone had any sample ones I could borrow. My journey brought me to two contenders for the title of my favorite earbuds: the Deluxe Case with Ear Buds & Mic and the Flat Cord Ear Buds with Microfiber Pouch.


If you’re looking for ear buds that can do it all without breaking the bank, then the Deluxe Case with Ear Buds and Mic (Left) are your choice. The ear buds themselves are crisp white reminiscent of the ones that come standard with your i-device and the different color options for your case really make them pop. Best of all, instead of having a tangled mess every time you need to take a phone call, they come with a built in mic.

For the fashion savvy the Flat Cord Ear Buds with the Microfiber Pouch (Right) is a great way to go. Choose the one that matches a company logo and you’ll have a great tool for promoting brand recognition. Not only that, the microfiber pouch that comes along is great for keeping ear buds safe, lessening chances of ruining them in a purse or briefcase or losing them.

Merchandising Assistant

Best of the Promotional Best

One of my favorite categories on our website is the New & Unique for 2013 cateogry. If you’re looking for a promotional product to set you high above the rest, take a look here. New & Unique adds a twist on the everyday promo product, pens become scented pens,  your stylus becomes a trendy wearable bracelet, and your iPhone can double as your wallet. One of my personal fav’s from this category is the 23 oz. Smoky Vintage Soda Bottle.

These vintage-feel bottles would be a great health initiative giveaway or even a great way to serve old-fashioned drinks and cocktails at a company event. The smoky gray color of the bottle will lend itself to blending in with any decor colors while you can choose a lid color that mimics one within your logo color scheme.

So if you’re feeling cross-eyed from searching through a litany of basic pens, make sure you stop by the New & Unique category and step up your promotional product game with these one of kind items.

Merchandising Assistant


Where would you use your promotional sunscreen?

Have you checked out our Deal of the Month for April? It’s the SPF 30 Jumbo Sunscreen Tube.

Jumbo Sunscreen Tube

The weather in April is fickle. If you’re down in the South like we are, Mother Nature seemed to forget spring entirely and jumped from winter straight into summer with temps jumping from the 40 and 50s to the 80s with nothing in-between!  However, I know that some of you are still dealing with hail and snow so thoughts of summer rays are far from your mind.

But even if you’re dealing with a winter that just won’t quit, we’re well into spring and days spent outside at the pool or lake are closer than you think.  This sunscreen is perfect for sticking into your purse or bag so you can put it on when you need.  Since it comes in a tube and isn’t liquid-y, there’s no danger of it spilling.  Because there’s nothing more fun than reaching into your purse for some change and pulling out a glob of sunscreen-covered money, right?  (That needs the sarcasm font.)  With a tropical or coconut breeze scent, just the smell will remind you of being in your happy, sun-drenched place, wherever that may be.  (And for those of you who prefer your happy place to be scent-free, there’s that option too.)

Do you follow Pinnacle on Facebook?  If not, you should because not only do we post links to new items, sales and general fun stuff, but we also do giveaways from time to time and last week, we gave away 20 of these sunscreens to our Facebook fans.  For our giveaway, we asked where they would use their promotional sunscreen and here are some of the answers we received:

• For the beach rays

•  At the beach/lake/pool

• Sitting in [the] yard enjoying the sun

•  At the bleach (we hope this meant beach!!)

Where would you use your promotional sunscreen?  Aside from the beach, I’d use mine at a festival, concert, baseball game and road race.  Pretty much anytime I’m outside, this sunscreen is going to come in handy.  Lucky for me, I have one in my purse.

Marketing Coordinator


Heather’s Product Pick of the Week: Sun Fun Stadium Cup

It’s about this time of the year that many American’s take a Spring Break trip to the beach.  Unfortunately for me, I’m not taking such a vacation this year, but I have been day dreaming about sitting at the beach and drinking a fruity frozen drink.  When I came across the 17 oz Sun Fun Stadium Cup, I thought it was a unique promotional product that could be used for your Spring/Summer and Beach promotions.


The Sun Fun Stadium Cup starts out as a subdued translucent plastic stadium cup but when exposed to sunlight, it changes colors to a  bold, brighter color.  This cup also features a full color imprinting capability, so if you have a logo with multiple colors or if you want to print your whole advertising message in full color you can do that with this cup’s large imprint area.  The icing on the cake for this fun cup had to be that it is Made in the USA.  These days it can be hard to find unique products that are made here in the US… when I can support local products, I’m all for it!

If you are looking for an inexpensive, unique way to make your Summer or Beach Promotions stand out, order a sample of the Sun Fun Cup today!  (Pinnacle provides free product samples under $8.00 for our clients)



Merchandising Manager

Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: Scented Pens!

I see hundreds of pens a year. Some of them great, some not so great. I have become a little numb to the writing instrument category of promotional products. As a pen aficionado- I have my favorites and my go-to models when suggesting writing tools for various projects.

When the USA Snifty Pen came across my desk, I was brought back to my childhood! My favorite markers were scented, I used them all the time! Do you remeber those? My favorite was the mint scented ones. The Snifty pen has ten different scents to choose from! Each scent is actually infused into the rubber grip of the pen! Each of the pens scent color coordinates with the color accent grip and designer border wrap artwork. So fancy! And each pen is made in the USA! I am digging the Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcake models. Which one will be your favorite?

Check out the snifty pen and other out of the ordinary writing solutions here. 


Merchandising Manager

Wake Up with Fred & Friends

Monday is when I indulge my coffee habit. Having strived to cut down on my dependance on an early morning jolt of caffeine, I find that I now take even more pleasure when I do decide to have a cup. Not only does this mean I can splurge on pricier roasts, it’s also made me appreciate my coffee mug even more. High on my list of favorites is the Fred & Friends Wake Up Mug

This unique mug uses heat sensitive inks that take the initial droopy eyed look into a bright eyed one when you add your hot drink (tea drinkers rejoice!). This is a great giveaway for conference that may have an early start time or sporting the logo of your coffee shop. Caffeine and laughter are always a great way to start a Monday!

Merchandising Assistant

Party Pen [Video]

One of my favorite new pen products this year is the Party Pen!  It’s a 3-in-1 Pen that features an LED light, bottle opener, and of course a twist action pen.


For whatever your emergency may be, the LED Aluminum Light with Bottle Opener and Pen will probably be able to help. Light up a word, jot down a note, and open a drink without having to switch tools.  This item makes a great giveaway for any organization or company that is promoting a “work hard, play hard” culture.

To learn more about the Party Pen, check out our video featuring Sofia, our Merchandising Coordinator.


Don’t you just love her party scene?



Merchandising Manager

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