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Promotional Kitchen Utensils: A Sweet Treat for Fall Holidays

There’s no denying it. Halloween means candies and cookies and cakes. Oh my! But it’s not just Halloween that necessitates our need for sweets during the fall. I can’t speak for everyone, but as the weather starts to turn cooler, I look forward to pumpkin and pecan pies at Thanksgiving dinner and candy canes and other treats during the winter holidays. With so many “sweet” holidays coming up in the next few months, now is the perfect time to distribute promotional kitchen utensils.

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Don’t Forget to Change your Promotional Alarm Clock: Daylight Saving Time Ends Soon

Spring forward, fall back. It’s an adage that we’ve been teaching children for years. Yet, every fall, there’s at least one person who shows up for work after Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends – only to be met by a dark, empty building because the office doesn’t open for an hour. Don’t let that person be you! Remember to set your promotional alarm clock back one hour when DST ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 6.

(Don’t worry – this is just an advanced warning. We’ll remind you to change your promotional alarm clock again in two weeks.)

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Promotional BPA-Free Bottles: A Must-Have for California Residents with Children

Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that prohibits the sale of any baby bottles or cups that contain more than 0.1 parts per billion of bisphenol A (BPA). With the bill scheduled to take effect in July 2013, consumers will slowly start seeing more BPA-free bottles on the market – and not just in the state of California. Connecticut, Maine, Maryland and Minnesota have similar bans in effect.

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Get Your Promotional 3D Glasses: Disney to Release More Classics in 3D

Earlier this week, Disney announced plans to convert four classic films into 3D and release those editions to theaters across the country. The decision comes on the heels of the success of The Lion King in 3D, which has raked in over $80 million and is still playing in theaters, despite original intentions to screen it for only two weeks.

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New Kindle and iPhone Releases Call for Promotional Media Storage Cases

This week, Amazon released the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Touch as part of a new wave of toys for the tech-savvy. The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s first attempt to take on the tablet market, which has so far been dominated by Apple’s iPad. Amazon’s Fire is smaller and thinner than the iPad, making it great for staying entertained on the go but less practical for accomplishing work outside of the office. While it’s not quite as functional as the iPad, the Fire does have one main advantage: its price starts at $199, well below any other tablet currently on the market.

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Corporate Holiday Gifts: Shop Early this Year

‘Tis the season!

To start thinking about holiday gifts, that is. While the weather is still warm and balmy here in Georgia, the official start of fall means that the holiday season is only a few months away. This year, you don’t need to wait until the last minute to start thinking about corporate holiday gifts for clients and employees. In fact, we’re already in holiday mode here at Pinnacle. Although we haven’t broken out the decorations quite yet, we have started thinking about new and unique ways to recognize your valued business relationships this year. Some of the top trends for this year are:
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World’s Largest Chocolate Bar Educates Consumers About Portion Control

The world’s largest chocolate bar – unveiled in Chicago last week – measures almost 3 feet high, 21 feet long, and weighs in at 12,000 pounds. With 1,200 pounds of almonds, 5,500 pounds of sugar and 1,400 pounds of chocolate liquor, this bar could cure even the most serious of chocolate cravings!

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Promotional Products Inspired by HGTV’s Color of the Month – Indigo Edition

As an avid HGTV and promotional products lover, I’ve dedicated a series of blog posts to products inspired by HGTV’s Color of the Month. September’s color is indigo, which is a cooler tone that works well with the transitional weather and changing season. Indigo’s calming effect will keep recipients in check as schedules start to get busy again after a slower, more relaxing summer. Thus, it’s the perfect hue for planners, desk organizers, and computer accessories.

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Amazon Gift Bags and Packages: Arriving Soon at a 7-Eleven Near You

If you’re like me, you can’t wait for the email or phone call telling you that the package you ordered online has shipped. Whether you purchased a new apparel item for yourself, a gift for a friend, or even just your schoolbooks, it’s exciting to get home after a long day and find a package waiting on your doorstep.

On the flip side, there’s nothing worse than arriving home and – instead of seeing your goods – finding a note stuck to the door alerting you that no one was home to sign for the package and thus it could not be delivered. Well, not anymore!

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